Aaj mujhe meri life ka best compliment mila, somebody told me ki “You’re getting MATURE!!” Hehehe, I’m soo happy today. This means a lot to me. Finally I’m being successful in my resolutions. Kuch toh change aa raha hai. 😅

Ab samajh me aaya, maturity is when you start looking above your issues and start understanding people. When you care not only about yourself but think about people and their problems too!

Haha, I’ve been struggling to prove that I’m mature and I can handle everything. Today is the day that I’ve been a little sensible. I mean here I’m unable to realise what is it? This phase between childhood and adulthood.

Kabhi kabhi I feel like mujhe bhi thoda freedom chahiye, I feel like why is my family so overprotective of me, they should leave me alone for a while, let me explore things, let me be by myself, let me handle things, let me grow. And sometimes I feel what’s wrong with that, why won’t they care? They are Parents na!

Aur kabhi I feel like immature hona hi bhala hai. Hehe, atleast I’m saved from all those responsibilities and stuff. Atleast I’m not liable for important things like my brother is. At least I don’t need to be present in important decisions, I don’t need to rush whenever papa calls! I don’t need to pay those bills or whatever!

Kabhi lagta hai ki bhai kitna kaam karta hai, still he’s got time whenever I need to get all those admit cards or other forms. Mai toh kuch bhi nai karti, being the smallest one in my family, I don’t have any burden on my head.

I’m just feeling bad ki ab toh Sem-break bhi hai, still I’m not helping them with anything. Mumma just tells me little things, and I’ve got excuses for that too! Hehe, she tells me khana banana seekh le, you should practice, but I’m like, mujhe nai banana na, ek din banaungi then aap roz mujhe bologe! 😁

It’s like jab mera mood hota hai tab mai sab karungi, I’ll cook, I’ll clean the house and I’ll do whatever, but mostly, I’m the laziest, I just love sleeping, that’s it. 😋

Anyways I’ll try being more mature now, and thank you for that sweet compliment!! ☺☺☺

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