Me and my Bro!


Hey guys! Today I’m just gonna write about some random stuff! Basically how many times I’ve hurt my brother and vice versa! 😂😂

Once upon a time, we used to play in the backyard haina, with all that mud and sand and all, and I was holding a heavy brick in my hand, and he asked me to give it to him, but suddenly it fell on his foot! Oh god how he shouted and hit me and cried!!

Haha, again one day I had an empty deodorant bottle in my hand which I was holding from the cap side. He was sitting right in front of me, I just made an action of throwing it towards him, (believe me, I had no intention of hurting him 😁) and out of nowhere the cap remained in my hand and the bottle flew and hit him right in the eye! I couldn’t control my laughter, this made him furious! Haha, aage ka I can’t explain! 😂😂😂

One day he accidentally or I don’t know maybe intentionally dropped a wooden blackboard on my foot. How I cried that day, my thumb was swollen and the nail broke into two pieces! I always hate him for that, it took a long time to recover.

Together, we’ve broken sooo many things, several bulbs, flower pots, crockery and what not! One day we were playing cricket and he had the chance of batting, he wanted to make ” The DOOSRA Shot “. Haha, the shot was made, the ball came down, and with that also came down the LED bulb! ✌

Then another incident, one day there were three sets of teacups and plates kept on the table, and he challenged me to take all of them to the kitchen together in one go. So what I did, I placed one cup and plate over the other, and held them in one hand and the third one in the other hand, as I started walking, he made me laugh and you won’t imagine I dropped all of those midway! Sab kuch tooot gaya!!! 😜😜😜

Haha, but wo bohot achha bhaai hai! One day I was playing football in one of the rooms and I broke the glass of the wall clock! He took the blame on himself! Hehe, I was saved, bas ye ek hi achha kaam kara hai usne aaj tak, baaki toh kuch yaad nai. 😂😂😂😂

Naah, it’s not like that, he’s the bestest brother, he’s the best comedian ever, we have exactly matching frequency in case of everything. We laugh for hours and hours on stupid things. Jo joke baaki sabko normal lage, we can keep laughing on it for days!

We can understand each other’s actions and relate it to things you haven’t even heard of, we have got the invisible language, hum log ek dusre ko bina kuch bole bhi, bas actions se hasa sakte hai! 😂😂

We have specific actions realting to lots and lots of movies and serials and adds and other stuff, we keep doing that and even our parents don’t understand, they say, “Kya paagalo jaise haste rehte ho din bhar!” 😁

We keep teasing each other by the wildest and the ugliest names possible on earth. Kabhi ek dusre ki taareef toh galti se bhi nai karni, never ever! Everytime he dresses up for some purpose, he comes and askes me “Kaisa lag raha hu”, to which my reply is always the same, “Haan, shirt toh achhi hai, par tera nai pata!” 😂😂
But still, mai mana kar du toh vo cheez fir voh nai pehenta, like I’m some fashion designer or what! 😅

Okay guys, thanks for tolerating, that’s it for today! 😅


9 thoughts on “Me and my Bro!

  1. Haye kya kya karte ho…..kabhi pyar bhi kar liya karo ek dusre ko aamne saamne……pata hai dil se to karte hi ho…..iss kahani se yahi Siksha milti hai ki aap dono ko pyar and Tod Fod ke siva kuch nahi aata…..

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    1. Aww, yess! You’re right! The best memories of my life have always been with my brother! Together we’ve had tonnes of laughter, fun, stupidities and amazing experiences! Yess, Life is beautiful when we are together. Thankyou for your beautiful comment! I’m glad that you liked the post. ☺☺☺☺

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