Am I that bad?


Heheh, okay so aaj ka topic, “Am I that bad?!”

I have always wondered about one thing, I have never had friends who stayed for long! I have no idea why, I mean sometimes I feel like Am I that bad that they don’t want to stay with me? Aisa humesha humesha hota hai ki if I have some friend, I get irritated very easily with them, and ek baar fight hona is compulsory! 😂

When I was in class 3, I had a really really nice friend, we always did everything together, humesha saath rehte the, but this friendship broke in 3 years, we didn’t talk ever after that. I accept I pushed her away, but uski galti thi, she accused me of something I didn’t do.

Then class 6, another friend, she was a nice girl, hehe, she was smart, bohot matters me bohot aage thi vo! Haha, samajh jaao 😂😂

Then class 7, another friend, uske saath maine hadd se jyada masti ki, hehe, we  were in ourself a Gang of our class, vo shaitaan thi and mai quiet sii, when we started hanging ouf together, eventually ek equilibrium maintain ho gaya! 😁
Teachers padhati thi, hum haste the 😂
I don’t know why but she was an awesome person seriously!

Then class reshuffling, class 8, another friend, arey sab hi achhe hote hai bura hota kaun hai aakhir, usse bhi meri fight hui, we went to an educational tour and vaha pe I shouted badly on her, mujhe jab gussa ata haina then mujhse chup nai raha jaata, I can’t stay silent, mujhe jo kehna hai vo toh mai bol ke hi rehti hu.

Then class 9, 10 I had another friend, uff he was amazing! Uske saath mera bond was unbreakable, we were soo comfortable with each other, haan at a point, we fell for each other, you know na teenage me hota hai, boyfriend and all ka craze! 😁

But baad me we realised ki this is not love, it was always friendship and still we decided to remain best friends, haha I’m relieved he’s still there for me, ek friend toh bachaa mere liye 😜😜

Class 11, 12 Meri sabse sweet wali bestie, she was a new comer and uske first day of entry into the school, we became friends,  I love her seriously! ☺
Aur haa ek aur Idiot bhi. Huh, paagal sun raha hai na tu? Haha, ab mat bolna ki likha nai mere liye. Pehle likha na ab baar baar kya likhu! Hah, thankyou idiot, you are the best. (Half boyfriend! 😜)

Hehe, then abi college aane ke baad, I made a friend, I mean I can’t believe maine khud kisi se jaake baat ki, it’s a big thing for me. Fortunately, usse ladaai nai hui abi tak kabhi. She’s like me, quiet and shy type ki. 😂

A while ago, I made some really good friends, ek special friend toh through a misunderstanding!! Although humaari bohot bohot bohot fight hoti hai, har next sentence pe argument! Haha, but still I’m thankful for your friendship! Thank you so much!☺☺

Aur haan over here also, I’ve got to know an amazing guy, sabse sabse sabse sweeeeet wale Sir! Hehe, you’re the best okay! Thank you for your support aur that help in the exam and for humesha tolerating me also! Haha, you taught me how to break the leg!! 😂😂😂

Haha, so finally kehne ka matlab hai ki I’ve got control over my wild behaviour over these few years. Abi mere almost koi bhi friends mujhe chhod ke nai jaate. (Still, I’ll say ALMOST!)

Aur jo chale jaate hai, I can’t do anything about that, I’m just thankful that you came into my life! Thankyou so much all friends! ☺


4 thoughts on “Am I that bad?

  1. Itne achche wale friend to bana rakhe hai yar…..phir bhi q puch rahi ho m i that bad?…..not fair ji…..waise to i dont think ki u are gussewali but hai to control your gussa…..waise hi bahut achchi ho tum….

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