Four Leaf Clover: Hard to find and Lucky to have!

It’s said that a Four Leaf Clover is reallly hard to find. It is believed to be a sign of Good Luck. And I’m soo soo soo glad that I found it! I found him! ☺☺✌
Never did I ever imagine that I would have someone like him in my life. I feel lucky, really really really reallly lucky! The word ‘Best Friend’ is just not enough to describe our relation, it is beyond words. I feel lucky to have found my lucky charm, my Sumit Sir. ☺☺

So guys, today’s blog is about My Sweet Sir! I’ve been dying to write about him, finally the day has come! I’ve got to write about my favourite Sumit Sir! His name is enough to bring a big big smile on my face. ☺☺☺

I wanted to include every memory of him into this blog, every stupid incident, every single thing I know about him, all those sweeet memories! 💜


Okay, so let me start the most awaited blog! Sir, just keep in mind that I won’t make any false appreciation, okay? So whatever I’m going to write is based on true incidents and is not fiction in any way! 😅

First of all, I wouldn’t have come across him if I hadn’t been on this platform called “WordPress”. So, a big thanks to WordPress. Then secondly, if I hadn’t posted that blog, he wouldn’t have commented and then again I wouldn’t have known him, so thanks to me also! 😁
(Btw Sir, I still didn’t find that GAYI WALA ICON, still searching, some day I’ll get it! ) 😂

Initially when we started talking, I was super impressed with his personality, plus he was a really, what do I say, innocent and sweet kind of blogger, the way he wrote about the people in his life, his sister, his bestie, his nephew, aww! I was a crazy fan, seriously! And he’s really good at conversing with people, he makes people comfortable in his company within seconds! ☺

You must have heard that girls have some sixth sense that they can sense whatever a guy thinks, hehe, I’m soo soo glad that I never had a doubt on his behaviour even for a second, like never ever! He was always crystal clear, he was always a sweeeeet friend! 😇


The best thing about him is that he loves his family, he loves them a lot!  The first priority in his life are his Relations. I just love his bond with his Margaret di, and then his cute nephew Christian, and all other members of his family too. Even his friends, he’s always by their side, I love the fact that he has such best friends! :)


Then, he has this sense of responsibility in him, he’s the ‘Agyakaari Beta'(Obedient Son 😋).He has got loads of things to do, he does everything from cooking to laundering, then he handles his studies too, spends time with family and friends, plus tolerates my stupidities too! Uff, multitasker! 😁

Hehe, one more thing, he never leaves without making me understand what he wants to say, he only leaves after he assures that I’m fully convinced. And you know what, I got the best compliment from him, that “You’re getting mature, Chandu!” Aww! 💜

One more thing, he gave me this nickname, Chandu, sounds like the typical DON kind of names, but I like it! 😆 Then next, I love reading his blogs, he writes from the heart! I remember that gift for Margaret Didi, it was sooo beautiful!








Even his friends helped him a lot and it took a complete one and a half year to finish the masterpiece! It was soo touching, so filled with emotions, sooo precious! All those poems, those decorations, those pictures, painting! It looked really adorable. Anyone would get emotional after reading them. ☺


I also remember the extremely cute sketch which he gifted his Bestie, Harsha! Aww, I just loved that sketch, plus the quote was actually beautiful! 😍




He loves reading, he has a Bigg collection of books. He loves acting too, he has received a Royal Trophy in the Acting Competition! He’s the CR of his college also. Plus, the most important thing, he loves writing, he loves blogging, he’s got some 37 pending blogs in his drafts which he’s gonna publish once he’s back, right? 
And he also writes in Hindi, please post that Hindi poem also okay? ☺

Next, he helped with my studies, before my Entrepreneurship paper, he explained me the meaning of a Recurring Bank Account. Haha, let me think “Recurring bank account is a type of account where a person who is in need can deposit Rs.2000 or more and this facility is available in all the banks. And there’s no type of loss here. I think we can withdraw that money in some 50 days” Haha, sorry I forgot most of it! I think even this wasn’t correct! 😂😂


Achha next thing, he is self-dependent. He loves travelling, at the age of 15, he has travelled all alone! I can’t even think of travelling alone even today. And he has got a Tattoo also. That requires a strong will and great level of tolerance. And my Sir has it all.☺☺✌

He’s a realllly caring guy, he buys gifts for all his relatives, that’s soo cute, right? 😍😍
He’s a very cheerful guy, with a vibrant personality, extremely positive, and he always likes to learn something new. He has this big dream of becoming an Entrepreneur! And he’s really really passionate about that. I wish and I know he’ll surely become a successful Entrepreneur. ☺


He has even received appreciation from the I-don’t-know-which Minister for his suggestions in an Entrepreneurship  and Employment Seminar! They all liked his suggestions. Hehe, he’s very talented, right? I know! ☺☺

He’s very active, wasting time is so not ‘Him’. He just wants to make each day count, each day productive! I bet if he has got a holiday, then he’ll either read or write or learn something new or meet his friends or visit family and relatives.


Then, he looks a lot like Ranveer Singh (A Bollywood Actor) both in looks and in personality. Haha, agreed naa? Extremely naughty, carefree, cheerful, stylish, active, super awesome, but most of all, favourite of girls! 💜💜

Sometimes, out of nowhere he has this Self-realization, like he wants to stay away from social network cause he didn’t study a complete week! (Haha! People like me don’t study a complete semester, and still there’s no sign of any regrets!) 😂

So, I would just say that this word “Sir” has lots of meanings for me.

Firstly, as a Friend, he’s an amazinggg person! I just know I can talk to him whatever I feel like, and whenever I feel like. He tolerates all of my pointless drama, nonsense talks, and that “Suno naaaa Sir!!” session also! Still, he never gets irritated ever!! 😄

Then he’s like a True Brother, the strongest  and most protective brother, who is totally crazy and insane!
He tells me if someone irritates you, then “Bajaa dena!” (How do I convert this into English??!) 😂😂

He cares like the sweeetest brother, gives me the best advices. He always encourages me to break the leg! Yes, his anger is veryy bad, but still he apologizes too! Huh, makes fun of me all the time, but cannot see me upset! ☺☺
He taught me one thing, not to be a ******** ever! (Now don’t ask me to reveal what’s written in those *********) 😜

Now I’m unable to remember anything else, still my memory is not that bad I guess.
I’m just soo happy that I got to know someone like you! Thank you and love you soooo much my sweeeet Sir! ☺☺☺☺☺


**Another part is yet to come! Haha, where I’ll be telling you about some not-so-sweet qualities of my sweet-sweet Sir! Just wait and watch! 😂😂😂😂**


13 thoughts on “Four Leaf Clover: Hard to find and Lucky to have!

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  1. Wow. I’m speechless Chandu. You wrote it with so much love. You said soo many things which even I never realise. And I still believe that I’m not that big from heart as you’re making me, I try to give people, my beloved ones whatever I have. This is what I have- ‘Love’.
    I always used to be grateful for those who were with me in my thin and thick, in return, I could give them anything in terms of, gifts, surprises, poems, myself whenever they need and mostly in form of Blogs I used to thank them.
    But today, you wrote this much for me I’m overwhelming now. This is so appreciable. Though I don’t think you irritate me. I am aware of the fact it makes you happy after talking to me.
    This is so encouraging and gratifying. Thanks so much Chandu.
    Lots of love.
    Be always happy. God bless you. ☺☺

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aww, so sweet of you Sir, thankyou so much! I just wanted to write about you aur abi finally likh hi diya, aapko achha laga na, I’m happiieee!! ☺☺
      You too stay happy always! Lots of love! 😇😇

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well done, Chandu.
    You write so well.
    It requires a big heart to write something really big about someone with all his qualities.
    Next, you know how to add humour to ur writings, so this is something great.
    keep writing and don’t underestimate yourself, ever.

    Liked by 2 people

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