My collection!


Hey guys, today I just realised that I’ve got a poetry collection of 5 years! A complete diary with lots and lots of emotions. I’ve been ignoring it cause I never thought I would match that particular level, but abhi I realised that I shouldn’t underestimate myself, poetry is poetry, be it childish or whatever. I should cherish whatever I used to write as a growing child, I should respect all those ideas and pieces of poetry.

You know what, I used to write really well in Hindi, my teachers used to get impressed and at every function in the school, be it Teacher’s day, Independence day, Annual Function or anything, I used to be the Poet of the occasion. I have written on numerous topics, like they’ve almost hired me and it was compulsory for me to write whatever and recite it on purpose. Haha, you know what I’ve even written for the Cyber Crimes Seminar and even the InterState Karate Competition!! 😂😂😂

But gradually my Hindi writing reduced, maybe after 10th cause even my optional subject wasn’t Hindi, so I rarely used to write in Hindi and clinged more to English. My English teacher used to tell me that I should write some novel, haha, not so grown up yet! 😁

I mean I mostly worked under stressful conditions and the result always turned out to be good, the teachers used to give me the topic only a day before, so it was really hard to write something and that should be a perfect rhyme too! I gave importance to rhymes cause when reciting, it should feel like a poem na!

And it was easier for me to write when the topics were given to me, one particular tag line or something like that was enough. That’s why I always prefer poetry prompts over here also! I was never an imaginary writer, I always write relating to real incidents, and even when I declare something as imaginary, I might have ssen that in some movie or whatever, Imagination is a tough task, seriously!

I can write well only with extreme emotions, like extreme of anger, happiness, sadness, depression, frustration, jealousy, irritation or anything! That’s when words start to flow out of my mind like a broken dam! Haha! 😂
You irritate me once, and whoever you might be, I must have definitely written something to praise you, haha, that’s my only way to get out of those feelings, curse them with the paper and pen, and then forget that anything ever happened! 😜

So, I was just turning the pages of my diary and I felt I’m not that bad, some topics were seriously good, so I would be sharing all of those with you, finally I got something to write, and if that makes people happy that’d be more than what I need!

Thankyou, hope you enjoy whatever is to come! :):)

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