Random Thought!


Hii guys, again I have nothing to write but I badly want to write something. Okay, so I’ll write about yesterday. Yesterday was the beginning of the Second Semester. Now I’ve completed 6 months in college, I don’t know it doesn’t feel that long, it seems like two days before that I came for the admission! Haha! So now I’m the College-Girl! 😁😁

I just feel that life here is so monotonous, life has become a tape recorder, stuck on the rewind button! Like the same old routine continues for ever!
Sabse pehle, getting into the bus, then getting into the college, fir class to canteen, then back again, and then lectures, then lunch, then canteen, back to class, then waiting for the bus, anyhow getting into it, then another one hour, uff fir finally home!

In the last six months, I atleast know the names of 40 students of my batch of 60! I’ve made some friends too, there’s a particular group we hang out with, but I just don’t feel like a part of that group.

And this time, the semester is reallly really short, I mean they say that it would end by March. That means they need to finish the entire course by the end of February, where the Semester isn’t even properly started yet!

But I just feel that I’ve taken the last semester very lightly. This time it’s gonna be tough, really tough. And as I’ve made some resolutions in the beginning of 2016, as a part of that, I need to study more. I need to dedicate myself to studies this time. Enough of masti mazaak and ghumna firna, now it’s some serious stuff this time.

I mean I don’t know why but the teachers over here expect a hell lot from me. Even yesterday, my Maths Sir asked me about the paper and I said ‘Haan Sir, theek gaya!’. To this he was like ‘Theek? Bas theek gaya? Tum toh padhne wale bachche ho, bas theek se kaam kaise chalega?’ Almost in a scolding tone. And I was like puri claas me 12-15 students hi the, but mujhe hi kyo point out kiya! Mujhse hi itna expect kyo karna!! So I just spoke ‘Sir, next time achha karenge.’

Then another, that physics Ma’am asked us about approximate percentage, and when I said, ‘Ma’am I think 65-70%’ Toh she was shocked! Haha, I mean why me? I’m not that Einstein kind of kid, please stop expecting so much!

It’s since always that this happens to me. I’m not that extreme hard worker, and even if I study hard, kitnaa bhi hard work kar lu, I’ve that average of 70-75% everytime. I can’t score more anyhow! So if you’re thinking that I’ll score like 90% then I’m sorry I’ll never be able to live up to your expectations. I’m just a normal girl, mujhe vaise bhi languages me jyada interest hai. 😂😂

Okay, thankyou for listening, I just wanted to clear these things, teachers ne suna toh nai but koi baat nai, I feel better now! 😅


2 thoughts on “Random Thought!

  1. Ab teachers ka kaam hai bachcho se padhai ki expectations to wo to karenge hi…..aur tum unko padhne wali padhaku lagti ho na isliye tumse hi bolte hai…..waise its nice post…..semesters kab poore ho jate hai pata hi nahi chalta…..

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  2. Hehe, arey this stupid title ‘Padhaaku’ never ever leaves me anywhere! I’m not padhaku, abi toh exams bhi kharab ho gaye, still! :P

    Btw, Thankyou! Haan, semesters end soon. But that feels good too, new books increase my excitement! :)


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