For us, the one who cares,
In need, to stand with us, who dares,
With whom, everything we can share,
She is Mother.

Who tells s what’s wrong and right,
Helps to achieve the greatest heights,
Who makes our life bright,
She is Mother.

To give us the best, always who tries,
For our needs, who never does compromise.
When we are hurt, tears are in her eyes,
She is Mother.

Our feelings who understands,
In every trouble, holds our hand,
Whose love for us, always expands,
She is Mother.

Who is always gentle and kind,
Solution to our problems who finds,
For helping us out, she never minds,
She is Mother.

In danger, who leaves us never,
The one who remains with us forever,
Who is always the best,
Never like the rest,
She is Mother.
Only one in the world,
We cannot get another,
She is Mother.
She ia Mother.

**Written on 18/07/10  Class 8**