There’s an app, called as Facebook,
Most of the teens give it a look.

Facebook can make a lot of buddies,
But it’s better to concentrate on studies.

Facebook pe hokar they wanna become cool,
But ho jaate hain tensed, when they come to school.

Saara time messages ko karte hain send,
Poochho toh kehte hain, ‘It’s today’s trend.’

Hota hai headache and health related trouble,
Eyesight weak and spelling mistakes double!

Whole day online with friends on chat,
Class me aate hi their mind goes flat.

Chat par spellings get shortened in form,
And disregard of spellings then comes as a storm.

Should ko ‘shud’, would ko ‘wud’,
Ban gaye ho jaise Facebook ke Robin hood!

Facebook is a really big attraction,
But it does have some negative reaction.

It is distracting the student’s mind,
Better to stay away and be confined.

On your studies, your mind you zoom,
And don’t waste time in silly chat-rooms.

Get to work for your future bright,
And attempt to achieve the greatest height.

**Written on 17/05/11, a week after I joined Facebook**


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