Rose Day Celebration!

Hey guys, today I’ll tell you about our Rose Day Celebration. Yesterday was super fun, seriously! We all with family went to a nearby place in my city and had a great time together.

You know what, we were like 16 people, that is 6 couples and we four cousins. We booked a cab and others came on their bikes too. All the way we were singing, haha! Romantic songs, but as the majority was of the elder couples, there were old songs and stuff. Then took selfies, hehe, commented on the people passing by too. 😁

When we reached the destination, I was amazed. There were soooo many flowers, and roses, awwh, White roses, red roses, yellow roses, and many different types too. Then up there, it was a temple of Buddha. We took selfies over there also. 😂😂


Then there was a garden, we also gathered  over there and had some snacks and all. Then all those discussions about things, and other stuff. It was getting boring. Then we started the game of Housie. That was some fun! Achha after that we played a game of Hit the Bottle. It was the best among everything else. Everyone gave it a try. Even my Dadi and Nani. ☺☺

I toh failed badly. But my Mama won the game in the end. Uff, he plays reallly well, his aim is so perfect, he hit the bottle every single time. The last game was the attraction, but it was spoiled because of a stupid argument between my brother and my cousin sister. They were fighting, I mean commenting over each other, they went wild! 😧

But we still played that game after a while. It was only a couple task, so we were definitely kept outside. It was like, all the gents had to bend on their knees, and they were given a rose. They had to sing a song or say something to their wives and then give them the rose. It was sooo romantic. 💜💜

All couples sang songs and even the eldest couple, my dada and dadi, it was so romantic, we even gathered an audience and they were clapping too. Haha, only my daddy spoiled the game. Arey bhai jinki love marriage hai sirf vohi task nai kar paaye, baaki sab ne kar diya. 😂😂😂 Huh, I was disappointed.

Then we finally had lunch. It was tasteless. Complete tasteless. I didn’t like it at all. I don’t know how the others didn’t even utter a word and ate the entire food. I toh left  half of it like that. 😜

But overall, the trip was a Thumbs Up. For the first time, I saw this kind of Rose Day Celebration. It was memorable.Haha, high hopes in the coming years. 😁✌



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