A Student’s Wish.

Imagine a life without schools,
Naa koi discipline, naa koi rules.

Naa padta brain par koi bhi pressure,
Teachers hi naa hoti toh kis baat ka darr?

No homeworks and not even tests,
Har time hota bas rest hi rest!

Uff! Ye complicated maths ke sum,
Kaash mil jaata in sab se freedom.

Naa hote assignments aur na koi projects,
Hota agar aisa toh life would be perfect!

Agar na hote ye schools and boring studies,
We’d get more time to hang on with buddies.

Hum lagte a bit of Smarty,
Agar na hoti boring uniforms,
Aur agar ban ho jati exams,
Toh hum nahi kehlate book-worms!

Tab naa hota exams ka heavy load,
Books dekhke we’d not go to sleepy mode.

Kaash naa hote ye schools,
Toh saari tensions ko bhool,
Our life would become SUPERCOOL!!

**Written on 29/09/10**


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