I remember all those times ,
When you humiliated me.
Whenever I listened to my heart,
You were the one to break it.

You depreciated my
Every single attempt.
No matter how hard I tried,
It was never enough in your eyes.

You always mocked at me,
Laughed at me, offended me.
Always left me teary eyed,
You never failed to suppress me.

I was always the weaker one,
You never let me prove myself.
You made me question my self-worth.
At times, you were my biggest strength,
But deep inside, you left a scar.

I can’t express it to you,
I can’t even hold it back.
Being this close,
You could have encouraged me,
Said two words of wisdom.
But you had it your way.

Then just know one thing today,
You can not break me,
You can not make me cry.
Even I’ve got a hell lot to say.
But I don’t give a fuck.
The real journey begins today.