Hey guys, the last two hours have been sooooo much fun! I just came home a few minutes back, and I must say, I seriously enjoyed a lot.

See, it was like, around 9:20 I came to my stop and was waiting for the bus, it didn’t come, then I walked to a friend and again we waited there for some more time, it was already 9:40 by then.

So, we called our bus driver to ensure if the bus had already left or something. We called 3-4 bus drivers and we got the same answer that the collector has seized the buses of our route and it ain’t gonna come there.

It was 9:45 when we decided to go home. As I reached home, I got a call from a friend ki “Jaldi bahar aa, we’re waiting, bus jayegi, and apan Sayaji se pakadte hai bus.”

So the group of us four, walked over to the Bhopal Chouraha and got into a cab. Haha, I never did that much to catch a bus! So we were constantly talking and yeah, those girls were realllly talkative! :D

On our way, we saw many students waiting for the bus and we laughed at them and made fun. Then as we reached Sayaji, there were 5-6 people waiting again for the stupid bus. Inside I knew that it ain’t gonna come today and we gotta go home but still we waited there. By now, it was 10:20.

Haha, some of the students headed to the local bus, I said I won’t go in a Local bus, isse achha mai ghar chale jaati hu. Again we called our HOD to reassure if they’re sending some bus or not. And he said ki either come buy your own conveyance or stay home! And I was like, itna duur kya ye sunne aye kya! :(

So the other girls said ki chalo abi ghar toh chale jayenge, first we should have Poha and Jalebi naah! :P
So, we went to a nearby restaurant and had Poha over there. We even finished the lunch boxes. Hehe, I never thought I’d be wandering around like that with friends! I loved this experience. I never thought I’d ever be able to adjust with people or hang out with friends who’re not that close to me.

Two of them were my classmates but I didn’t talk much to them ever and the other girl was my brother’s classmate. The moment I thought of going with them, I thought it’s better I should stay at home.

But I’m happy that I got to have such an experience. They were all good. They accepted me like I am, nobody forced me into anything. I liked and enjoyed their company.

I mean, it’s wrong to think that everyone is bad. My perception was wrong, people are actually good, I don’t hate people yaa! I’m not antisocial, afterall I spent complete two hours with some friends and didn’t regret any thing about it. Hah, now I’ll try being more social, yeah I can do it. :)


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  1. this is the second step of becoming more mature Chandu. :)
    see, the more you interact with people, the more you will know about them.
    and once you know their frequency , you’ll be leaning from that experience which will ultimately helps in for next time, when you again talk to another person.

    this is how perception works. i am glad to see and able to comment on your blog. :)

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    1. Thankyou Sir!! Fir se compliment! I’m mature na?? 😂😂
      Haa Sir, you are very correct, mai yehi karungi abi. ☺

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  2. A beautiful thought. And such a lovely post. You have an interesting blog here. :)

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    1. Aww, I’m glad you found my blog interesting! 😂😂
      Thankyou so much! Happy Blogging! ✌

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    2. It was a pleasure. :)

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