Hey guys, you know there’s an E-Week organised by our college, which stands for Entrepreneurship Week, and it is going to start from this Monday onwards. It would be held in our own college and there would be several events throughout the week. And I have, for the first time, without a second thought, participated in every event! 😐

I don’t know I should have done that or not, but still I can’t do anything now. The first event is our Science Project under “Scinovation”, that is Science Innovation Project. We had to make a working model and then explain it with the help of a PowerPoint presentation. The tough part was that we had to have some kind of innovative idea in that project. And our names were already suggested by our Physics teacher, so ultimately there was no way I could’ve escaped this one. 😌

There are total 6 groups from our department who are gonna present their projects to some respected guest and he would even cross-question us!

But, at the end, he would select three groups out of the six, and we’d be sent to a trip to some institute, called IUC, in Indore. They said that it’s a really big opportunity and researchers from all over the world come for their research work to this place. It would be exciting! ☺☺

We did a lot of research and finally we decided that we’re gonna prepare a “Mini Tesla Coil”.
***I’m sorry, they warned us not to disclose the topic, but this is my blog naa! Just hope there’s nobody of the same college over here. 😁😁***

The reason why I gave my blog such a topic is that at this point, everything is ready, we have our presentation, we’re preparing and practicing too. It’s just that the working model isn’t actually WORKING till now! 😅

And tomorrow we have to present it before our Physics Teacher anyhow.
***College on SATURDAY! This kills me more!***

Me, my brother, all members of my team (Sorry, not ALL 😂) have tried their best to make it work, but let’s see now what happens. Fingers crossed, I hope it works until tomorrow morning. Warna toh humaara patta cut! 😂😂 We’ve prepared soo much, and I can just hope sab sahi ho jaye. ✌