E-Week (Day-1)

Hello guys, today the E-Week started in our college. And the event which was planned for today was “Scinnovation“, that is Science Innovation Project. As I already wrote in my previous blog, we had to deliver a presentation and also demonstrate the working model of our project. It had to be some innovative idea.

Initially there were 6 groups, but as one of them got disqualified for some reason, there were 5 groups for today. We were really tensed cause our model wasn’t working, we even requested our Sir to have a look and if he could make it work. He agreed to help but the guests for the event were about to arrive and we weren’t having a Soldering Iron which was anyhow required. And there wasn’t much time left.

Finally we decided to just explain the concept keeping aside the model. Before the presentation began, I was a little nervous but then I remembered somebody’s words and I then all the tension disappeared and I explained everything with confidence. ☺

Everyone did well. At the end, the guest Ma’am asked us to show her the model and she appreciated our attempts on making it. She was impressed with our concept. Our concept was the wireless transmission of power, a Tesla Coil.

She cross-questioned us about the project, huh, all others went speechless. That’s where I took over. 😂 I answered most of her questions but still one or two of them were real bad. 😑

Other groups’ projects were also good.
Group 1: Robot
Group 2: Tesla Coil
Group 3: Solar cell
Group 4: Plastic pollution control
Group 5: Traffic Control (Load cell)

Then they declared the winners of the competition. And they awarded it to two groups, group 1 and group 5. Though, they said that the way of Presentation of our group was the Best. 😇✌
And we were on the Second Position. Our Sir was also one of the judges and after the competition, he told us that only if your project would’ve worked, you would have definitely been the winner. But never mind, I’m happy, atleast we were able to present ourselves. It was a nice experience. (I won’t loose hope, I still badly wanna see that model in working condition.) I learnt how to handle extreme stress and how to keep hope even in the worst condition. Haha, Seniors se thodi jaan pehchaan bhi ho gayi. 😂😂

As they promised us, the top three groups will be given a visit to a Research Centre in Indore, DAVV-IUC, that is Inter University Consortium. They have Synchrotrons and Electron accelerators over there. God, I’m excited about it. It’s definitely gonna be some serious Fun. That’s it for today, I’m just happy! ☺☺☺


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  1. That’s great Chandni. It’s not about winning prizes, it’s about winning hearts. And your group did it. Acha hua seniors se jaan pehchaan bhi hogayi, good for the future. And wireless power transmission, Tesla Coil? Then you mean it by Induction? Always working under the stress is important. I also remember that our Final year project won hearts of all the teachers. Out of 16 groups only 2 groups got output. We were one of them . Everyone was impressed with our presentation too. Flaw-less with every detail of execution. “Texture classification using Soft Set theory” was the project. It is even kept in our library, a 4000 line code to get it done. We won nothing, but it is all about winning the hearts. . Just felt like sharing the experience. Have a good time. :)

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    1. Ahaa, yes that’s so true. When you see that smile on your teacher’s face, when she says she’s proud of you! What more do you need then! That’s the biggest pleasure. ☺☺☺☺
      Awards or trophies are nothing when compared to that one Smile. 😇✌

      Hehe, haa wireless power transmission tha topic, ha vahi Faraday’s law of EMI. But that tubelight didn’t glow till the last moment, huh! 😕

      And congrats, getting outpul out of a model is a tough task, I realised. 😅
      Haha, topic samajh nai aaya aapka, tell me more about that project nah! ☺

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    2. Yes, that’s a proud feeling. And yes I guessed it. It would be possible only with induction. And my project was based on Matrix Laboratory platform (MatLab). It is used to identify the texture of an area in an image by comparing it with inbuilt database. It is used in google maps, image processing, fields and rock identification. As I am an ECE graduate, I chose Image processing as the subject for my final year project. Thanks. Have a great day. :)

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  2. congrats Chandu, I am glad that you remember that somebody’s words.
    i specially come to my college lab, just to see and comment on your beautiful posts. i am glad you were the runner up in that presentation.
    All the best Chandu :)
    Good wisshes!

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    1. Haha, I never forget your words ever! 😇
      And thankyou soo much Sir, for always supporting and encouraging me, and making time for reading my posts too! ☺☺☺
      Thankyou so so much. ✌


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