E-Week (Day 2 & 3)

Hii dear bloggers, I’m back with some amazing experiences. Today, I’ll tell you about the E-Week (Day 2 & 3). The event scheduled for yesterday was the Entrepreneurship Seminar. I was soooo excited for attending it. I specially came to college only for that particular event.

When we consulted our teacher, she told us that this event is mainly for BBA students, so we’ll have to give priority to them first, and then we all B.Sc students would be allowed.

The main problem in our campus is the lack of Auditoriums. Though, the third floor is under construction, still we need to go to another campus, huh, that’s tiring and irritating as well. 😑

Then we reached to the B.E. campus and we had booked a hall over there. We, a group of nine friends of B.Sc. waited till all the BBA students got seated. At the end, there were only 4 seats left and I badly wanted to be there, seriously!

I mean, Entrepreneurship is something which seriously interests me, and even more than that, I love inspirational lectures, when some successful people come over to our college to speak to us, to narrate to us their success stories, it is quite motivating.

But, I am disappointed by the fact that I got affected by PEER-PRESSURE. I badly wanted to do something, but only because of those ‘so-called friends’, I had to dismiss it. I felt bad. If they really cared, if they really were friends, they’d have atleast let me attend the seminar if they didn’t want to be there. But no, they even forced me to come with them. I felt upset.

And all they did after missing such an inspiring lecture was to just sit in that canteen. I didn’t utter a word for the next two hours, huh! And they didn’t even realize if I was upset or something!

These are the times when I hate people, I have to kill my heart to keep them happy. If I wouldn’t have done that, they’d have commented forever that ‘Ye toh aisi hi hai, akele hi chale jati hai.’ And I don’t wanna hear that.

But, after a while, another of our classmates came to us and asked us if we wanted to attend a Dance Seminar. And we were like okay! Atleast we had something to do now. So we managed to reach there on time. It was the live interview of two Choreographers. They told us about the difficulties they faced while they pursued dancing as a career. Then, students also asked them their queries. But, the best part of the event were those amazing dance performances. I never knew there were such talented dancers in our college. We enjoyed a lot. I reallly loved it. ☺☺

Then, let’s come to today. Today’s event was a “Trader’s Hunt” . The students had to put up games or food stalls. There were 6-7 stalls in total. And we were five students in our group. We put up a food-stall. Basically, the aim of the event was to develop and inculcate Entrepreneur skills into us.

I loved the concept. Whatever we studied in the subject in the first semester, we found a practical approach to it in the second Sem. I found it interesting. We all learnt a lot from this experience.

Just like an Entrepreneur has to have an investment, so we five invested 100 Rs. each into the project. That is, the capital was Rs.500. Then, we had to have an idea, that we would launch in the market. Here, the idea was ‘Spicy Bhel’. 😂

Then, we needed the raw materials required for that. So we arranged for Sev, Parmal, tomato, onions, salt, sugar, different mixtures, sauces, chutney, coriander, different masale etc etc.

After that we had to have a Packaging session, here we had to arrange for plates and spoons. After that, we had a market research, that is, we planned to sell out the Bhel in Rs.10/- Then, we had to behave good with the customers. We had to do the marketing too. Hehe, me and one of my friends went even to the other campus to publicize our product. 😋

Finally, the main element for an Entrepreneur is Profit. And I’m actually happy to announce that we proved to be GOOD ENTREPRENEURS. We made a profit out of the Bhel and we all were happy in the end. On the investment of Rs.500, we earned a total of Rs.750. Haha, teachers and everybody appreciated us a lot. They said it was really tasty! Have a look!☺



It was only because of the attempts of all of our group, and our coordination that this became possible. Teachers said that you five girls are active in every event! Haha, yes, we wanna participate in every single thing. 😂

Tomorrow we’ll have to give a presentation on today’s event, our profit and all. We were on the second position in terms of the profit earned, huh, we lost only by Rs.10. If only we could sell one more Bhel, we would have been the winners. Still there’s hope. The teachers told us that if our presentation would be good, we could win this too. 😇

And tomorrow is a big day for me. I’ve got to attend an event called “Confab with Bloggers“. The most awaited event for me, it’s organised by the LitMus Club, a literature and music club of our college. I was looking forward to something like that for so long. I ain’t gonna miss it in any condition.

It’s just that we can’t visit another campus just like that. Those guards over there are so strict, they demand an ID. And I have none till now. I don’t know what would I do tomorrow, but I’ll do anything, anything it takes to reach for my dreams. Even if it takes breaking the doors apart! 😂😂😂
Just kidding! I’ll get the gate pass. Okay, I’ll blog about the next events soon. Keep blogging, without thinking twice! 😂✌

42 thoughts on “E-Week (Day 2 & 3)

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    1. Hahah! I have the same thing with Noodles! 😂😂😂
      Abi kya kare? Khatam ho gayi vo toh. You’ll have to manage with the pic only! 😛
      And it’s not declared, they just secretly told us the profit count. It’s gonna be decided tomorrow. 😅

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  1. Haha.. nice compromise. Dance performances in place of inspiring lectures from entrepreneurs. Nice take! Sometimes we are option less. Lol. And glad to know that your team made a profit from the bhel stall. Good marketing techniques though! :P .In our youth fest, my class managed to bid a games stall. We bought it for 6000 and made around 8500 in the three day fest. That is only the moment I remember related to this in my college. And bhel looks delicious and spicy! Can you send it! :P

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe, yea it was a tough, heartbreaking compromise. 😞
      But, something is better than nothing na! 😀
      For the very first time, we had such an experience, stalls and profit and all, sab jaan pehchan yahi kaam ati hai. 😂😂
      And you made a good amount of money ya! What game was it btw? We’ll keep it for the next year! 😂
      Aur everyone here wants that Bhel! Jab ban raha tha tab kyo nai aaye! 😜😜

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Haha.. Something is better than nothing. True. And yes it is a beautiful experience when we get exposure to the reality of life like earning money stalls business etc. . And as our stall cost was higher, we ran three games in parallel at three counters on different sides. Kaise bhi invested amount se zyada laana tha. All were luck based games. One was that there will be 12 keys and three locks. If you can open all three locks in three consecutive attempts amount double. Ek bande ne to 500 ki daav kheli thi. And second was to separate the colored beads in different bouls from a mixture of beads within one minute. Hamare income ka ye main zariya ye game hi tha. Because humne cross check kiya tha ki it will take minimum of 1 minute 15 seconds to separate them. Shh. Kisiko batana mat! and teesra game bekaar gaya. Ek din rakhke nikal diya tha. Sab ke correct nishane lag rahe the. Ring game! :P Isliye vo game nikal diya.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Haha, nai nai kisi ko nai batayenge, yaha sab apne wale hi hai, don’t worry! 😜
      The first one is great! Aur Kaunsa banda tha aisa! 😂😂
      Hah, second one is interesting too! Teesra toh very common abi. 😂
      Achhe ideas hai, we’ll think of these. ☺☺☺☺
      Afterall, itnaa profit hua, that means people actually like to try these type of things! 😂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Arey! Sachhi kya? 😁
      Thankyou thankyou! 😇😇
      But Sir, aap logo ka event was the NEN!! It was on a big level na. Aur humara toh first time tha. So we tried to make it as decorative and attractive as possible, so that even if it tastes bad, atleast it would look good!! 😂😂😂
      *Btw, I’m waiting for that blog. 😑*

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