E-Week (Day 4)

Hello guys! Today, again I had to attend two events. *Uff, this E-Week is soo exhausting! It’s been three complete weeks that I didn’t get to sleep till late for the last Saturdays and Sundays. This weekend, I ain’t gonna sacrifice my sleep. :?*

Okay, so let me start with this. We were already late to the college today, and I was all restless. I already felt tired, all hands and legs still aching like I don’t know what. We hardly got a chance to sit down even for a while yesterday, it was a busy day as we were all busy in preparing those Bhel. And on top of that, my group mates started giving me multiple instructions which irritated me more.

Actually, we had to give a presentation about yesterday’s profit and they were telling me what slide I had to explain. And I wasn’t even listening. I told them ki “Yaar dekhenge jo hoga, kar lungi mai apne hisaab se.” :roll:

I hate people sooo many times. Specially when I don’t get proper sleep, my head pains a lot and my mood turns offensive. Just like I feel right now! *_*

So, this event went okay. We again secured the Second Postion overall. The guest Ma’am asked us a lot of questions, while I was wondering about how would I reach the next event on time. Already a lot of delay had occured, and I didn’t want it to stretch for longer.

Finally, their cross-questions came to an end, it was 11:55 AM then. I rushed towards the HOD’s cabin. I told him that I wanted to attend an event in the B.E. campus, and he signed a gate pass for me and one of my friends.


We reached for the most awaited event, “Confab with Bloggers“, organised by the LitMus Club. I was happy that finally I was where I should be at that moment. There were four bloggers who were invited for this Blogger’s meet. I don’t remember everybody’s names, but they all were amazing.

The first one was Siddhant Chopra, a student from our college, and he is a Food-Blogger. I liked the way he interacted with us. He told us all about how he started writing, how he started reviewing different cuisines and visiting different restaurants etc. And there even came a phase where people started following his reviews and started eating at those places which he found good.

They played a slide-show where we came to know a lot about him. He was ranked in the top 5 Food Bloggers of Indore. His pictures even came in the newspapers. And a blogger’s meet was organised by Mr. Rakesh Dawani, the founder of Indori Zayka, where he was invited and appreciated too. ☺

I liked the way he presented himself, he entertained the audience. And I had high hopes on what was to come next!

Then, they called a Fashion and Food Blogger, Manali Gureja. *Yeah, she was apt for the tag of ‘Fashion Blogger’ in every sense, ’cause she seriously looked stunning! 😆*

She started a blog to help one of her friends, but eventually she herself started reviewing food and started writing about fashion. She even called upon three girls from the audience and displayed three different hair styles! After a while, she even showed us how to rip a jeans! That was some cool stuff. 😋

Then, there were two more bloggers, they also told us their stories, one of them, Miss.Jyotsna, gave some pointers for a blog to be successful, the three of them being Content, Marketing and Persistence. They even explained how to create a blog and all.

We didn’t have an idea if the LitMus gang was going to perform. Their band performed for us, and it was such a magical experience! I never knew there were such melodious singers and they even introduced a Violinist, a girl, the only female violinist in M.P, and she was a student of our college! That was something to be proud of. ☺☺

*Uff, how I had a crush on that guy since the first day of college! I was completely crazy about his voice! He played guitar previously, yeah even that was great, still somewhere I was hoping to hear him again. And, apparently, he sang! Aahhhh his voice! That same voice, it went straight to the heart! He had killed me by the way he sang in the Intro, and today he killed me again! 😜*

Then there were some interesting activities, like the Pronounciation game. They displayed the names of some renowned brands and we had to pronounce them. I pronounced most of them wrong, very very wrong! 😂


At the end, Mr.Rakesh Dawani was called and he gave us an inspirational speech. He focused mainly on Entrepreneurship and all. He answered the students’ queries too. Overall, I enjoyed the event.

But most of all, what I loved about the event were the Anchors, they were toooo good! I mean, I was spellbound with such extraordinary talent. I sware, I’ve never witnessed anything like that. Everything seemed little as compared to their talent. This wasn’t the platform for them, they could be selected just anywhere, they deserved much better and a bigger platform.

The way they spoke, the way they interacted, communicated, entertained, presented themselves, cracked jokes, all of it was such a pleasure to watch. Watching them, Anchoring seemed so effortless, like it was a CakeWalk! 😂 I must say, they were really good orators, this was a wonderful experience, definitely hard to forget. This event left an imprint in my heart.

Although, I would say that I didn’t find what I was looking forward to. I was a little upset after listening to all of them. In my eyes, my talent seemed like literally nothing! I have no proper knowledge for food, or fashion or sports or music or technology, I felt like I was a good-for-nothing girl. My talent seemed to be just a drop of water in their never-ending ocean! I felt a little depressed. 😑

They confused my meaning of Blogging. Blogging, for me was the expression of my thoughts, be it any damn thing! But they were the masters of their field, and I felt like a Nobody over there. It wasn’t actually inspiring for me.

I mean, when they knew that most of the students over there didn’t even know the meaning of the word, BLOG, they should have started from the beginning. They should have inspired people to write, as a beginner, to write down their thoughts, then figure out if they can master a field and then focus on writing about it. I don’t know what I was expecting, but this wasn’t it for sure.

I insisted one of my friends to join me to the event. She wanted to start blogging too, but I don’t think this provided any motivation. The event was well-hosted, well presented and everything, just a few things were missing. Only if they’d have called a Literature-Blogger as well, then it would’ve been much better. And if they’d have started from the starting, people would’ve enjoyed more. It felt more like focusing on how to earn money out of a blog, than to celebrate the joy of writing.

The one thing I remember is that they said ki Khud ko sell karna aana chaiye. I feel like writing is something we do for ourselves, something we enjoy doing. Writing surely is my Passion, I know that, but I wouldn’t like to earn money out of it. Mujhe aisa lagta hai ki agar humko likhne ke paise milne lage na toh there wouldn’t be that pleasure in writing. We would work hours and hours on something, it would seem forced.

The real pleasure of writing is only when it comes from the heart, and not from the head. Just writing for the sake of money isn’t a good idea, according to me. 😅

That’s all for today, tomorrow is another event called ‘Street Bazaar’, we’d be representing our department in the Science projects over there. *As we got the second position nah! 😋*
Till then, keep blogging, without thinking twice! 😇


13 thoughts on “E-Week (Day 4)

    1. Haha, yes! I’m enjoying a lot. Schools never had such kind of interesting events, I’m loving college! ☺☺☺
      Aww, you miss college? Koi baat nai, relive those moments through my experiences! 😇
      And get well soon, okay? ☺👍

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