E-Week (Day 5)

Hello bloggers and friends, yesterday was the last day of E-week. I’m sorry I couldn’t blog about it yesterday. So, the event scheduled for yesterday was ‘Street Bazaar‘. It was similar to our ‘Trader’s Hunt’, only that it was on a larger level, and was organised in the B.E. campus. There were food stalls, games stalls and others.Β 😅


The one thing I would like to tell you all is that, our project finally worked!!! Our Tesla Coil Worked!!! I can’t explain how happy I was, when I saw that tubelight glow! Aww, it was the ultimate pleasure. 😇 I was starving to watch it work, and when it did, I couldn’t believe my eyes! I repeated bringing the tubelight to the coil over and over again, and yes it was just perfect! I was sooo happie!! ☺☺
Have a look, it isn’t visible clearly, but it did work!


The winners of ‘Scinnovation‘ had to present their working models in the event, representing the Management Department. Hence, there were two projects, the other one being a Multifunctioning Robot designed by our classmate. *Btw, he was the winner.*
This is what his Robot looked like:


It was a tiresome job to stand near the stalls and watch people busy in eating and eating and eating! Who has got time for science projects, when there are Noodles and Mocktails and Icecreams and stuff! :?:?

Still, some of them came to us, and appreciated our projects. Huh, they were shocked not by the fact that power was being transmitted wirelessly, but by the fact that we were B.Sc. students! 😑
Arey, who said B.Sc. students can’t do anything? Don’t we have a BRAIN or what? :roll::roll:

Okay, the best and most attractive element in the yesterday’s event was the ‘Acro-Arrest‘.😂 It was basically a small jail type of arrangement. And the students had to nominate any of their friends to it. The nominee had to stand in that jail and the anchor would spin the spinning wheel which had a number of tasks written on top of it. And they had to perform whatever task the pointer stopped at. ✌

It was really entertaining. A girl got a dare to convince any random guy to dance with her. *Hehe, it was tooo romantic, sachhi!* 😍😍

Then another guy was challenged to exchange numbers with a stranger girl. And people were running behind them making videos and all! 😜

Then a guy was asked to take a selfie with a stranger girl. That was accompanied with lots of hooting and clapping!Β  😂😂😂
Some were told to do a product add and teacher’s mimicry too! It was a fun event.

After all this, we ate everything from Chaat to Pani puri to Cold drinks and Noodles! Uff, I toh loved only Icecream, Choco Chips, my love! 💜💜

Bas, then we came home cause there was nothing much for us to do. Finally, the E-Week ended with lots of unforgettable memories, and life long experiences. I enjoyed to the fullest. College life is amazing! We finally succeeded in making our First Semester really memorable. ☺☺☺


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  1. you are a active girl sister…. and enjoying your work which is fantastic thing…. keep it up :)

    please have a look on my another poem sister, “https://shanejeetwordpress.wordpress.com/2016/01/19/thand-ek-beghar-bache-ki-nazar-se/”

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