Quote Challenge (Day-1)

Hii guys, this is the fourth time that I’ve been nominated to the ‘3 Days Quote Challenge’. I am a big fan of quotes, and these kind of challenges interest me a lot. ☺

Sometimes a simple one-liner quote can speak louder than hours of lectures and preachings. The best thing about quotes is that they strike you hard, they leave you wondering and admiring them. So, whenever I’m nominated to such a challenge, I feel overjoyed! 😇

So, what’s a “3 Day Quote Challenge?” Well! It’s quite simple, whoever gets nominated has to come up with one or three quotes per day, for three consecutive days, and at the end of the post, has to nominate 3 other bloggers to continue the Challenge.

1) Post in three consecutive days.
2) You can pick one or three quotes per day.
3) Challenge three different bloggers per day.
4) Thank the blogger who nominated you.

I’ve been nominated by Ajaz Sir, (our SirJi 😂😂). Thankyou soo much Sirji, for nominating me. I’ll tell you guys about him, he’s a reallly cheerful guy, full of life. He writes short poetries and random thoughts, plus he is an Artist, I love his sketches! He also has a series of diary entries to his SOMEONE, and I just love reading that. It’s still a suspense, the story isn’t ending! 😂

Here’s my quote for today:

There are times when we keep regretting things, when we keep wondering and still wishing if things could be that way!

Haha, for example, there was the Scinnovation last week, and I regret the fact that our model didn’t work at the time of the competition. However, it did work just three days after that! And I was like, agar pehle chal jaata toh we would have been the winners! :(

So it’s time to stop regretting things in life, if it had to happen, it would’ve happened! It’s time to learn to accept things. ☺

My Nominees:-
Shanejeet Bhaiya
My sXy Specs!
Jackie :)


15 thoughts on “Quote Challenge (Day-1)

  1. Thanks a lot for nominating me :)

    I think i am not that much good in quotes but my today’s quote is (i can share in hindi)

    “Pucha haal humne shehar ka dost se, sar jhuka bola, “log to Zinda hai, Zameer ka pta nahi.”

    :) :) :) :) :)

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  2. I got to know about this just now. You have nominated me, but isn’t the tagging supposed to notify you. I mean I came here to look your post and gladly found my sites name in it.
    It is for the first time I am nominated and I have never written quotes earlier, and how do you nominate, I don’t know anyone so close, so how does one nominates ??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haan, I don’t know why you didn’t get a notification for this. Okay, next time I’ll inform you myself. :)
      It’s not important to write quotes by yourself, just share whatever you feel like! Something like ‘Quote of the Day’!
      And you don’t need to know a lot of people, I just nominated some of those who interact with me regularly. You’re one of them. So all the best, waiting for a beautiful quote from your side! :D

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe, why shouldn’t we appreciate?
      Hello people, if you’re reading this, do visit Ajaz Sir’s blog, he writes really well! Haha, publicity done! 😂
      You’re welcome!
      Firefly! 🐝

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