Quote Challenge (Day-2)

Hello people, I’m back with the next quote for the Quote Challenge. Today’s quote is dedicated to the guy I admire and respect the most. Here’s the quote:


Thankyou soo much Sumit Sir, for always encouraging me towards being better, supporting me in whatever I did, always appreciating my attempts. Thankyou for making me believe in myself and my abilities, for making me feel that I deserve nothing less than the best! ☺

You are my Inspiration. The one aim I have as of now, is that I want to be like you. I want to work harder than ever, work till the last breath, give my best into whatever I do, I never want to loose hope. I want to be successful like you. I want to be an example for the world. 😇

Abhi tak I never had a passion for anything, I never thought I could do any better in exams or anything else in life. But the belief that you showed in me, made me believe in myself.

It’s about an incident, whenever I used to study, I used to gather all my books, start studying, and after only 10 minutes or so, my mind would say, “Arey chhod yaar, chhhod, so jaa thodi der!” And I would always give up to this thought. 😑

It was at the time of your exams that I realised what SERIOUSNESS actually means. I was soooo inspired by your attitude. The way you used to invest your days and nights into making each paper a SuperHit. The way you skipped meals and even sleep, to study for exams. The way you wanted things to be just Perfect! I want to be exactly like YOU. 😅

And now whenever I think of giving up, I can hear voices in my head, “Don’t give up Chandu, you can do it!” That makes me forget everything! That makes me feel there’s someone who would get annoyed if I quit. That makes me try harder and put even more efforts into studies. Because of you, I realised the value of Time. I realised that I want to be more than ‘Just an Average girl‘. And I’ll do anything to prove that. ✌

I’m sooo blessed to have a Real Mentor in my life, thankyou for everything. The reason for my success in anything would always be the belief that you have in me, I’ll challenge all my limits, and one day you’ll be proud of me, I promise that to you. Thankyou Sir, thankyou sooo much! ☺☺☺

**Btw, there’s a Maths Test tomorrow, I need some Aashirwaad before that! 😂😂**


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