Quote Challenge (Day-3)

Hey guys, I’m back with the Quote #3 for today which was given by Steve Jobs. It goes like this:-


Everyone of us is here for something. We are all searching for things in life. For some, it might be love, it might be God, success, happiness, peace, a good job etc etc etc.

And many a times when we don’t get what we wanted, we loose hope and stop searching. It is at this point that we should keep the faith, if we haven’t found it yet, we should keep looking for it. ☺

And with this quote, ends my Three Day Quote Challenge, it was fun! Thankyou again, I enjoyed a lot. ☺☺

11 thoughts on “Quote Challenge (Day-3)

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  1. I am really sorry sister, me kal bimar tha to online aa hi ni paya aur apna 3rd quote submit ni kr paya so today i am going to saying it and its here :

    “Maykhaane se pucha khali-khali kyu baitha hai, hairan tha mein ek sach sunakar aur wo bola, ” logo ko nasha khoon peekar aane lga hai”

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    1. Ohh, how are you now?
      And your quote again made me speechless!

      Okay, with this ends the Challenge, congrats! You completed it with perfection! 10 on 10! ✌
      And take care. ☺


    2. Hmm feeling little better now, thanks.

      And, I am happy that I won 10 out of 10. thanks a lot heheh, :)

      ME kahi se khoj ke nahi lata dear sister yeh lines jo dekhta hu, jo mehsus krta hu likh deta hu.

      A big thanks from my heart for you sister.

      :) :) :) :) :)

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    3. Ahaa, khud likhte ho then hats off! It was great to have those amazing quotes from you! Abi Versatile Blogger Award, bhi karo na, I have nominated you there. ☺


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