Women’s Day Seminar


Hello friends, in the previous post I had mentioned about a Maths test which was to be held today, but got delayed till the next week. Huh, my 3 days bunk got wasted! And today as I reached college, everyone started asking me ki Tu toh bohot padh rahi hai yaaar! Seriously soo many people asked me this! **Do din ghar kya baitho, sab ko chinta hone lag jati hai! Uff!! 😂😂😂😂**

Okay, so let me start with my topic. Today there were no lectures. Instead, there was a Seminar which was related to “Women’s Safety and Increasing Crimes in Society.” It was on the occasion of Women’s Day (8th March). It was an educational session and we all enjoyed a lot.

Basically, this was an attempt to spread awareness amongst us to beware of the crimes happening today, mainly focused on Rape Cases. So, the program began with a really thought provoking and heart-touching speech by the SP of Indore. **Sorry, I forgot the name! Was too busy in listening to him naa! 😅**

He spoke some really meaningful things. He told us ki if someone tells you that you’re beautiful, or you’re pretty, or you’re fat, or ugly or whatsoever, you believe them. You don’t even give a second thought if that is true and you genuinely start believing that they’re right. Why do you need someone else’s certificate to believe what you are! You should know what you are.

He mentioned that this is the basic issue, if someone appreciates you, you get flattered very easily and it becomes way too easier for them to make you do things which they want. You need to know that when someone appreciates you out of no reason, it’s because they need something from you. You need to identify what type of intentions a person has, when he keeps staring at you.

One more thing, he gave many examples, one of them was that women today tend to break the norms and they need freedom. They live by the principle, “My life, my choice, this is my Freedom!”. He agreed with the fact that you need freedom, it is good, but extra freedom can be dangerous. When you declare that you’ll do whatever you feel like, it’s part of your freedom, then you should be prepared for the results too, you should have the guts to face whatever happens. This example was of a couple who broke up after a 3-year live-in-relationship!

Another beautiful example he presented before us  was of a Girl’s Value. He asked us that most of you might be furious that why are all the restrictions put only on Girls, when boys are to blame for such heinous crimes? *No offense boys, I’m just repeating what he spoke!* Then he asked us, if you have a piece of a tile, or a stone, where would you keep it? Out of the house, right?

But if you have a diamond, you would keep it in a box, then pack it, then keep it inside a locker, then lock the almirah too! And keep security over it also! Cause it is Priceless. He said that girls are like diamonds, only a single scratch on them can reduce their value to literally nothing! That is why they are kept protected, only one silly mistake, and the girl and her family’s future is destroyed!

Then he told us about a mission that he and his team has started. It was the mission “SUPRABHAT“.

The first two letters of the word stand for ‘Sudradh Aatmavishwas‘, that means first and foremost we need to believe in ourselves, we need to know that we can do any thing in this world, we are no less than anybody, we have the power to move mountains, we have the power to touch the skies.

The next letters represent, “Pratikaar“. By this he meant that we should learn to say NO, we should know when things go wrong, and before the situation worsens, we should say NO.

Then further, the next letters represent “Bhagidaari“, which means that we need to confess everything to a trusted person, specially our Mom, whenever we are in any such situation, and let them decide what to do next. We shouldn’t hide anything otherwise that would eat us up inside.

And the last letter represents ” Tatkaal Karyawahi” which means we should take an action against it as soon as possible, or report to the police and let them do the further procedure.

Finally he ended the speech by inviting us to a 10 days campaign on ‘Women Safety’ which was organized by the NGO named ‘Jwala‘. Then, he invited the founder and owner of that NGO, to talk to us.

Now this lady was really inspiring! She started by telling us about the GOOD TOUCH and BAD TOUCH that we learnt in pre-primary classes. Further, she spoke about the latest methods like those pepper sprays and all! She was entertaining! She told us ki suppose agar koi tumhe tease kar raha hai toh kya usko aise bologe ki arey ruko mujhe pepper spray nikaalne do pehle! 😁😂

So this was a really lame method, till the girl searches for the spray, everything would be spoiled! So, she taught us simple techniques to divert the guy’s attention and also how to hurt him badly! Now, that surely comes under Self-Defence! 😂

She taught us how to use our long, pointed nails to stratch the criminal’s face, then how to use your mobile phone to bang it on his neck, how to use your heels to crush his legs and stuff like that! She told us ki vaha par aisa mat sochna ki arey bechara, usko lag jaygi, awww! Tumhara aim hai apne aap ko protect karna, fir vo kaise bhi karna pade, you shouldn’t be afraid!

And then she continued that these are the tricks to only distract him until the safety reaches you, that is police or something, only until then you need to do this, you don’t need to be at war, be swinging swords and all, and continue fighting till the last breath! It is way more brave to run away as far as you can, once you succeed to distract him.

She told us ki we are doing this seminar to protect only one thing, that is CHARACTER, we are here to learn how to protect ourselves and not to keep our Self Respect at stake! The basic thing you need to keep in mind is Self Confidence, the first thing you need to do is to walk in crowded areas as much as possible, and you should keep a 100, or 1090 number in your speed dial too! She even explained about various Android apps related to women’s security.

Then further she said ki if by chance this situation occurs, you need to shout, shout at the top of your voice, shout for help, you need to shout in a way that you can be sure that you’ll get help. And if you can’t even shout for yourself, then you don’t even deserve help! You’ve got to scream as loud as you can, in the criminal’s ear, or better slap him hard!

Mostly he would get scared only by your loud voice, it’s when they are in groups that they don’t give up, cause your slap might hurt their ego!

Then she called up another guy to explain and present some tips and tricks! He demonstrated how do we use our fist to knock him down, how do we release our hand from his firm grip, and other stuff! That was interesting. ☺

Ending the seminar, the Ma’am gave an example from the Jai Ho movie, the way one person tells three more people, in the same way she requested us to spread this message to three more people by today! *Hehe, I spread it to 190+ people!! 😂✌**

All in all, it was a need for today, it was educational, it was motivational, it was really really well presented! Today’s day was a Super Hit! ☺☺


5 thoughts on “Women’s Day Seminar

  1. The seminar for women’s day actually gave us the fresh heart to be alert all the tym and to smart which one of the Main ceredential a women should hold with herself
    Because rape victims are now a day’s openly roaming and this is one of the worrisome aspects of our country

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    1. Exactly yaar Sanjivni! It was an inspiration. Btw, let me introduce you to my blogger friends over here, ruk ja ek blog likhti hu tere liye, till then write a blog na! Post some of your poems. All the best, and welcome to WordPress! ☺☺☺✌

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  2. Wow that was a great event, so much things in just one seminar…
    And of all things, I felt good in hearing that you actually learned the differences between GOOD & BAD touches. Every school must teach these because Child abuse is more common and often unreported and most cases reported have Neighbors and relatives indulged in these crimes.

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    1. Yeah even they warned us that most of these crimes are done by the relatives and closed ones! We must be alert all the time. 😐

      Hehe, it was a wonderful event, for sure. College is even more interesting, cause there are so many seminars and events, and they are quite educational. I loved it. ☺☺☺

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