Hello friends, here I wanna welcome my friend Sanjivni Mishra. I have known her for 10 years now, we were together in school, and we’re again together in the college! 😂😂

So, something about her, she writes really well, I appreciate the content and the thought behind her poems! She never told anybody that she writes, Except me! **Special friend jo hu mai! 😂**

Here, I welcome her to WordPress, I hope all of you will support her just the way you supported me. Thankyou! ā˜ŗ
Visit her blog over here: Sanjivni


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  1. That’s sweet of you! Your friend is indeed an incredible writer!āœŒšŸ»

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    1. Ahaa! Thankyou for saying that! Then, I’m glad that she’s at the right place! ā˜ŗā˜ŗ

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    2. All the best to you and your friend! happy blogging!šŸ˜Š

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    3. Thankyou! Wish you the same! šŸ˜„

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  2. Nitin says:

    Your friend. My friend. Period.

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    1. Ahha! Perfect! Thankyou, I’m glad! ā˜ŗā˜ŗā˜ŗā˜ŗ

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