Heeeeels! ;)

Hii guys, it’s quite funny how a pair of Heels can make me write a blog! Actually, I’m never comfortable in them, once I wore them and I fell badly! 😂😂😂

And hence I decided to never look at them ever! But, since I have a function in my college, I need footwear! And Mumma keeps telling me ki Naya kya lena hai? Abi vo heels padi haina, vo pehno pehle! 😑

But, keeping aside my aversion to them, I really admire it when I look at any girl wearing them, How they glide swiftly across the place, with elegance, with confidence, so effortlessly! It feels amazing!

Finally, I gave up! I thought ki Abi nai toh fir kabhi nai! Here’s to you my lovely Heels, I never let you know that there’s a Biggg world outside that little cupboard too! I’m sorry for that!



From Wedges, to Pencil heels,
To Platforms and so on.
Heels are beautiful,
Heels are classy.
Heels are ravishing,
Heels are sexy!

They’re the symbol of power,
They’re the symbol of dominance.
We don’t give a damn,
We won’t settle for anything.

We can love ourselves,
We can pamper our desires,
Once we get our feet into them,
We can crush you under them too! 😂

Yeah, we all have flaws,
But we ain’t afraid.
We’re the scarred beauties,
We are women, beautiful women!

Ain’t nobody can decide for us,
Nobody can sway us from our decision.
We are complete in ourself,
Nobody can crush our dreams.

We won’t question our choices,
For the sake of this world,
They’re always gonna laugh,
Whenever we’ll fall down.

But we ain’t afraid,
We’ll get back up.
We’ll close our ears to them,
We’ll prove to them,
Heels ain’t a weakness,
They’re our strength!

We’re gonna be a Woman,
A beautiful one,
An elegant one! ✌


24 thoughts on “Heeeeels! ;)

    1. Aww, thankyou Ma’am for your lovely comment! ☺☺
      You’re right, the thing is to keep the fear aside and walk with confidence! ✌
      Thankyou so much Ma’am, happy blogging! 😇


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