Annual Function (Day-2)

Hii again guys! 🙋
I’m back with the day2 of our Annual Function, ‘Medalist 2016‘. We were taken to this place called ‘Ravindra Natya Graha’ in Indore. I’m in love with that place, it was sooo beautiful! Have a look!

As we went inside, there was this biggg auditorium, actually this place is a theatre where plays and dramas are organised on a bigger level. It holds a capacity of 900 people. I was seriously awestruck!

There were huge red curtains veiling the stage, and as they parted, we saw this lovely banner of our college, Medalist 2016! 😍


The function started with a dance performance, a Ganesh Vandana. It was a mesmerizing act! I loved it completely!


What I like the most was the lighting system. It was like those Award Functions! It was amazing. Then there were other dance performances, a comedy drama, almost like the Comedy Nights one, hehe I saw some of my 12th classmates do extremely weird things there! Never knew they were soo talented! 😂😂😂

Then, there were lots and lots of alternate singing and dancing sessions. **I wish I had written about the event that day itself, ab toh I don’t remember most of it! Plus, I didn’t click a lot pictures too.**

Okay, so one thing I remember very clear was that Singer guy! Aww, he sings soooooo well! As they announced a Singing Group was going to perform, I thought singing was just incomplete without him, hehe, inside I was hoping he would sing! And yes he did! It was like he had cast a spell on the audience! 😍
It was a magical experience. The best song he sang was “Main rahu ya naa rahu, tum mujhme kahin baaki rehnaa, bas itna hai tumse kehna!” ❤❤

Overall, the function was a super hit, it ended with loads of fun, and loads of selfies too! 😂😂😂

Kabhi kabhi I feel like I hate college, but it’s only been a semester and I have attened soo many events, seminars, functions, e-weeks etc etc etc! Soo much of fun, soo much of experience! School functions were never like the ones in college! It feels good. 😅


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