Some joys cannot be expressed  in words, they can only be felt! Today, a MIRACLE happened with me! ;)

There’s this poetry written by MANA SHAH. I read it and I’m totally in love with it. Go ahead, read it, and you’ll know why! This is seriously beeaaautifullll!! ❤❤❤❤

Some miracles are so small that you cannot always see them.
Just like a sprout coming out of the earth,
Like a bird coming out of the egg,
Like a child recognising her mother’s
Like like a pet knowing your smell,
Like finding the exact word for an expression,
Like mixing colours to get a desired shade,
Like capturing a long sought shot,
Like hitting the perfect cord of music,
Like winning someone’s trust,
Like realising that together you’ve done it,
Like the slow healing of your heart,
Like letting yourself flow once again,
Like opening the closed doors,
Like the first ray of light warming you,
Like something touching strings of your heart,
Like letting the inner music play itself,
Like unknown understanding of someone,
Like breathing in the present air,Like confession of two souls.
Yes, some miracles are so small that none could see them,
And yet, they are miracles.
– Mana Shah

**For more such amazing write-ups, you must definitely visit her blog over here Love you Mana Dii! 😇😇**