The Power of NOW.

There’s this huge problem that I’m suffering from, it’s called DISTRACTION. And I badly need to come out of it. I miss my school days, life was different then. I think this stupid Mobile Phone ruined me. Not a mobile phone, social networks to be precise. It’s like we’ve become slaves of this little device, there’s no life without a Mobile Phone today!

We can’t survive without the Internet for even 3-4 hours, like seriously! I am soo addicted to social networks that I cannot concentrate on anything else. Once a friend even taunted me, ki jab bhi tujhe text karo toh tera last seen online me change ho jata hai, ek minute ke liye toh phone side me rakhha kar! 😑😑

And finally I have realised that this isn’t taking me anywhere, there’s no growth, there’s no development. Few days back, Sumit Sir suggested me that I make a list of my likes, hobbies, my goals, what I want to achieve, etc etc, and think about it seriously. I liked that idea, and hence I started working upon it. There were soo many things I wanted to do in life, but the only hurdle was this Mobile Phone.

A few days back, our Maths teacher gave us a lecture related to Career after graduation. It was an encouragement for me, he said that we need to focus on Skill Development. Marks and Percentage don’t matter for selections, it’s only that it should be above 60%. Studies can be done a week before exams too, what we need to do is to keep ourselves updated with other things, we have to have a backup plan, some extra skill which would make us stand out of the crowd.

He told us that it’s not about studying, attending classes etc, it’s about how much knowledge do you have! A person might be a topper, but he won’t go anywhere if he doesn’t have proper knowledge about something. He stressed that you should have a general awareness of the things going on in the world, you need to be good in your communication skills, you should have a personality, you should know some art, something creative! ☺

Overall, I got a big inspiration from our Sir, and later that day, I went to the library and found a book which attracted me, it read, ‘The Power Of NOW‘.


It is a spiritual book, which will help us realise our self, how do we control our mind, our thoughts, how can we achieve an inner peace with ourselves. I remember once somebody over here suggested me to get some spiritual knowledge to overcome the mood swings and stupid behavioural changes that I was facing a few months back. And here I am with the life-changer book for me!

I just started reading it, and found a lovely quote, this will tell you what the book is about:


I just wish to become a better person with each coming day, I hope this book would help me to achieve a peace within myself. In the next posts, I’ll be sharing my reviews of every chapter I read. Hope it would help some of you too! ☺

Firefly! 🐝

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  1. Thts true chandni the biggest u competition u can face ever in ur life is always with urself.Each day; each hour and each minute in ur life u need raise up ur bar as a student ; as an indian and even as a human being tht was moral
    lesson my grandpa always used to teach when i used to put my head in his lap and sleep at night

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