You are not your Mind.

There was a beggar who sat by the road side for almost thirty years by now. Once, a stranger passed by him and he asked him to spare some change. The stranger replied that he had nothing to give him. Suddenly, his eyes fell on the box on which the beggar was sitting. He asked him if he ever looked inside that box! To this, the beggar assured him that it was just an old, empty box. But when the stranger insisted, he opened its lid to find the box full of gold! 💰

Similarly, the writer is a stranger who insists us to look inside the box, the box being our own self, he tells us to look inside ourselves! **And how do we do that? 😮**

Yeah, we ain’t any beggars, but he says that all those who haven’t found out their true self, the unshakable peace within them are all beggars. They are looking into the outside world for materialistic gains and wealth, when actually they fail to identify that the real treasure is within them, and it is definitely greater than anything else in this world! ☺

What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is the state of being connected to something indestructible, something powerful, something that is You, but is much more greater than you.  It is finding what we are, finding our true identity, beyond our name and position, and possessions.

Gautam Buddha said that ‘Enlightenment is the end of suffering.This is a negative statement. He only tells us what enlightenment is not, it is ‘No suffering’. But what is left when there’s no suffering? That is something we need to find by ourselves.

**This book is a bit confusing, I just wrote about whatever I could understand out of it. It surely is interesting, but more of confusing I’d say! 😂**


15 thoughts on “You are not your Mind.

  1. Sahi likha and khubsurat likha didi, jb tak khud se pyar naa ho, khud ki pehchaan naa ho, khud mein roshan naa ho tab tak hum kisi aur ko kuch de hi nahi skte sirf juth ke.

    Jb tak khud mein ykin hota hai, khuda nazdeek hota hai.

    kabhi bhi udaas nahi hona chhaiye, honsle buland ho to aisa kya hai jo kiya nahi jaa skta.

    Zindgi apne aap mein ek positive seekh hai. Life har baar kuch seekhti hai to nya padaav ho jata hai aur wo bhi seekh leri hai, jaise bachapan mein baccha bnanaa seekhti hai to young ho jaate hai, fir younger bnanaa vaisi baate seekhti hai to mature hona padta hai aur jb mature hona seekh jaate hai tb koi aur life ka padaav aa jata hai par life har baar har padaav accept krti hai.

    Yhi mera mananaa hai ki kuch bhi ho, kaisa bhi ho har baat ka solution sbse pehle mujhse hi mujhe milega. jb tak khud ko me satisfy nahi kr skta aur khud ko light se nahi bhar skta tb tak me kisi aur ko kuch nahi de skta.

    Meri dua hai ap bhi kabhi udaas na pdo aur mushkilo se ldte huye aage badhte jao.

    Iss topic se related ek poem bhi hai meri :

    @Chandni ji : sister ek nyi poem bhi likhi hai , ” katha Holi ki..” btaana jb time mile padhke ki kaisi hai.

    Thanks for such inspiring article…. :)

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    1. Wow bhaiya! Kitni achhi baate boli aapne! ☺
      Us book se achha toh aapne bataya, hehe, aise easily samajh me aya! Thankyou, aap ekdum correct bol rahe ho, kisi bhi cheez ka solution sabse pehle hume khud se hi milta hai! Ekdum correct!
      Aur haan, abi read karti hun aapki poem, so sorry nai read kar payi mai! 😅

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    2. We love poetry at Gastradamus and would like to have you on our blog. A friend of chandni, is a friend of ours. What great works she has. If you like touchy subject and want your opinion heard, then please check out our blog. We think we are going viral within the next couple weeks.

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