Thankyou! :)

Hello guys, how have you all been? A few days back, we got to know that our Maths teacher is leaving the college, that news left us in shock! To be precise, it was the 1st of April, and hence we all thought that he was playing a prank on us. But nooo! He seriously left! 😐

Things became clear now, why was he stressing on attending those extra classes, why was he rushing the course at that speed, why was he giving that extraaa homework, and why was he giving those VVIMP questions! 

Manish Verma Sir, our Maths Teacher. He is one of those teachers that I deeply respect. It’s been one-and-a-half semester in college, and we all have got to know a lot about him, hence I would dedicate this blog to him, thankyou for being such an amazing teacher! Haha, please accept this Award! *Virtual though* 😅


The first day of college, July 21, 2015. I remember, he took the first lecture in our class, the one thing that we all really appreciated was the way he interacted with us, how he made all of us, the ‘Nervous Kids’ feel comfortable, how he made us a bit familiar to the awkward environment. It was hard to adjust with all the new students and the surroundings, he was the one who helped all of us get through that phase. Gradually, the Weird started becoming Normal!  :D

The one thing that differentiates him from everybody else is his experience, the knowledge he has. He is a very dedicated teacher, has a vast knowledge related to everything, be it his own subject, or Physics, General Knowledge, Science, Career, Cricket, or Philosophy! It’s always a pleasure listening to him.


He always stays positive, he has always been friendly with us, supported us in everything. Hehe, Maths becomes more interesting because of his smiling face! He loves peace, and serenity is surely his persona! Wherever he goes, he carries those positive vibes with him, that aura is so powerful, that it affects the people around him too. :D

One distinct quality, he hates indiscipline! Being our Class Coordinator, he wants his students to maintain discipline, keep the class clean, be regular to college, attend all the classes, and perform well in all the subjects. And yes, he delivers his duties with perfection! He knows how to control the crowd. Why is it that other teachers are unable to handle all the 60 students at a time, while the moment our Sir enters into the class, all the 60 fall into utter silence?? 😅

No, he isn’t a very Strict teacher, he is infact frank with us, but it’s all about the impact he has on people! No other teacher has that kind of vibe! **Nobody of us would like to irritate him, or we gotta be ready for the dreadful consequences!**


He makes us study seriously at the time of studies, and he even enjoys with us in between! **He even tolerates all our stupidities, haha those stupid questions like, Sir aapki shaadi ho gayi kya??😂😂**

He is a Man of High Character and values. I remember, once there were our Physics Practical Exams and at the time of practicals, we were distributed the Files that we can look into it if we aren’t able to write! That time, our Sir stood against it, he disagreed to give us those files, he spoke such motivating words that seriously inspired us! I mean, he has a way with words, he can easily inspire the crowd, his positivity attracts people! ✌


One last thing I would say is, There are many who praise their own self, who keep boasting about their achievements, but our Sir, his deeds are enough to describe him, so far I’ve realised this. He never spoke anything about himself, all he did was teaching with dedication! His work speaks for itself, and that is what distinguishes him from the else. 😄


Finally, thankyou soo much Sir for all the knowledge, Maths was interesting because of You! Thankyou for always supporting our class, always guiding us towards what’s right, always inspiring us to do our best, for being the favourite of all. We all will definitely miss you! :D

We wish the best for you. Wish you a successful career, and a happy life ahead! All the Best! Thankyou! :):):)



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  1. Ohh my God chandani !!! I have no words to thank you. I am not rich with words… But I just want to say that No other gift is as precious as these words you wrote for me. This is the Best gift ever I got in my life. Thank you so much and I really will miss your batch. Love you all. while reading this I have tear in my eyes. Thanks a lot dear

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    1. Awww!! We will miss you tooo Sir! I’m soo happy that you liked it, yes, I think every student feels the same for you. It is a big loss on our part that you won’t teach us now! 😞

      I wish hum log ek farewell party toh de dete aapko! But that couldn’t happen! Hehe, still thankyou soo much Sir, I’ll always remember whatever you taught me, related to Maths, and related to Life too.

      I definitely want to be like you, as a person. A person with rich values and high character, who gives a high priority to principles! Thanks for the inspiration! All the best for your life Sir! 😇😇
      We will miss you! ☺☺

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  2. It’s always so hard when a student lost the teacher whom they really appreciate.
    Btw very well post chandni
    Sir ki comment padhi meine☺
    They really felt glad by your post and rightly a bit emotional too.

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