Art is an expression,
A source of eternal elation.
An imprint of your thoughts,
The voice of a gloomy heart!

Music is a rhythm,
The rhythm of a heartbeat.
Mesmerizing, hypnotising!
Healing the deepest wounds,
Adding colours of love,
Pacifying the soul!
It’s a fiery passion,
A rejuvenation!

Dance is an echo,
The echo of a broken heart.
Unspoken words,
Voicing dormant desires,
Depicting every emotion,
Forgetting all sorrows,
Teleporting you to a world,
A world full of bliss!

Poetry is the utterance,
The utterance of a voice,
Long suppressed!
Words set ablaze,
Words so powerful,
Melting a heart of stone!
Like a caged bird set free,
To conquer the blue skies!

Art is creativity,
A love so pure,
A zeal so true!
Art is the celebration,
The celebration of being YOU!

Β© 2016 The_Twilight_Firefly ALL RIGHTS RESERVED