Art – A Priceless Treasure

Art is a creative skill, something that each one of us possesses, but only few identify. It is something which differentiates us from everybody else, something that is solely ours, that makes us who we actually are. Everyone of us has some talent, something unique, be it painting, singing, dancing, writing or anything else, but we all have some or the other way to express us well. It is something that we enjoy doing, something that sets us free!

Today, being students, we are all busy, there are innumerous things in life, ranging from studies, coachings, parents, teachers, exams, results, to jobs and placements. All of these lead to stress, a student’s life is full of tensions and stress. Hence, he needs an escape door to this mechanical life, a door to his happiness, that is when hobbies come into play.

You must’ve seen dancers, the moment a song is played, there’s an involuntary trigger that makes them tap their feet, makes them shake and move and swirl in excitement!

Singers, they sing to express their emotions, to vent out all their pains, anger, frustration, regrets, every joy. That rhythm, that melody, it helps them forget the world, it makes them forget every darn issue in their life and smile!

Writers and poets, give them a pen and paper, and they’ll work wonders. Their imagination will reach the moons and stars, their deepest scars are healed by writing, it is the best medicine for them. All their sorrows vanish when they write, a new courage is born in them!

All of them don’t do it for the sake of people, they do it for themselves. Even when they receive criticizm in any amount, still they have the guts to pursue their talents, they never give up. All they seek is happiness. So, it’s all about our happiness, it’s all about what makes us smile, what frees us from this world, what frees us from those imaginary bars. The joy that we receive through our hobbies and art, it is incomparable to any amount of money we’ll ever earn. It is when you dance, you sing, you write, you paint, that you realise what real treasure is, what true happiness is all about. 

Hence, all of us need to find a reason, a reason to smile, an escape to this stressful life, and celebrate the joy, feel the happiness, the satisfaction. We need to find that which makes us different, that uniques ability which brings us pleasure, that sets our soul free! We need to find that priceless treasure within us.

© 2016 The_Twilight_Firefly ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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