Never Too Late

Ever in an insanely freaky mood,
Broken a dear’s heart, been that rude?
Seen those tears roll down their cheek,
And regretted why the hell did you even speak?
Then don’t worry, just hurry, hear your inner voice,
‘Cause it’s never gotta be too late to Apologize.

Ever lost temper in a crazy fight?
Made your friends, enemies for life?
Humiliated them, insulted them, never been nice,
Just one misunderstanding severed all ties!
Grudges only weigh you down,
Never hold them for too long.
‘Cause it’s never too late to forgive and forget,
Never too late to make relations strong.

Ever hated yourself for loving someone?
Denied your love ’cause the world will make fun?
Found your special someone out in the crowd,
But didn’t have the guts to say it out loud?
Once you find the right person,
Just don’t wait.
Leave the rest on fate.
Confess your love before it gets too late.

Ever felt like you are blessed with all the troubles?
Your life’s made hell and loneliness just doubles?
But problems are meant to make you wise,
Sometimes only isolation can open up your eyes.
Yeah, time will heel everything,
Even broken pieces of your heart.
So collect those pieces, tie them together,
‘Cause it’s never too late to make a new start.


Β© 2016 The_Twilight_Firefly ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


51 thoughts on “Never Too Late

  1. This was very inspirational Chandni, especially love the line : “Just one misunderstanding severed all ties!”, and Once you find the right person,
    Just don’t wait.
    Leave the rest on fate.” Really loved this, and the ending tied everything up. Loved how every line was very flowery:) :)

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  2. At Gastradamus we love Disney, we love tinker bell and we would really like the opinions on a few of our stories from a excellent, magical writer like yourself. If you have the time and are tired of obese women suing fast food chain because of their wait gain, then please let me know what you think of my stories at Gastradamus, calm it down on the fairy dust, you want to conserve it

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  4. A highly emotional share from a gal, that expels under the wounds of some perishing schedules, eh?:/ . What you have conveyed through this strip touched my heart deeply Firefly. Thanks for this thought provoking simple poetry!:)

    -urs Sirji😜

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