Oh, what a beautiful,
Soul she is.
Talking to her,
Is perfect bliss.
That smile ain’t ready,
To leave my lips.
That’s the magic,
Of my Angel, my Sis!

How she guided me,
Through a difficult phase,
How she made me smile,
In more than million ways.
Be it diary writing,
Or be it the happiness chit.
How she never failed to,
Improve me bit by bit!

She wiped away,
All my woes.
She brought peace,
In utter chaos.
She was the hope,
When life was in lows.
A gloomy life began,
To dance on tip toes!

All her beautiful thoughts,
Are like sparkling stars,
In my life’s sky.
How she guided me,
Out of the dark.
How she gave me,
Wings to fly!
Her love is like,
A warm embrace,
She is the Angel,
Enlightening my days!

***This poem is dedicated toΒ Mana Didi, my saviour in the toughest times, thankyou for everything, I respect every little thing you did for me, every little things you said to me, that means a lot! Thankyou so much! :):)
It’s time for revolution, I would do anything it takes to better myself, thanks for being the best guide to me! And yes, I would become a Woman of Substance, #pehle uska meaning batana mujhe 😂# Thankyou dii!***

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