The Angel!

Oh, what a beautiful,
Soul she is.
Talking to her,
Is perfect bliss.
That smile ain’t ready,
To leave my lips.
That’s the magic,
Of my Angel, my Sis!

How she guided me,
Through a difficult phase,
How she made me smile,
In more than million ways.
Be it diary writing,
Or be it the happiness chit.
How she never failed to,
Improve me bit by bit!

She wiped away,
All my woes.
She brought peace,
In utter chaos.
She was the hope,
When life was in lows.
A gloomy life began,
To dance on tip toes!

All her beautiful thoughts,
Are like sparkling stars,
In my life’s sky.
How she guided me,
Out of the dark.
How she gave me,
Wings to fly!
Her love is like,
A warm embrace,
She is the Angel,
Enlightening my days!

***This poem is dedicated to Mana Didi, my saviour in the toughest times, thankyou for everything, I respect every little thing you did for me, every little things you said to me, that means a lot! Thankyou so much! :):)
It’s time for revolution, I would do anything it takes to better myself, thanks for being the best guide to me! And yes, I would become a Woman of Substance, #pehle uska meaning batana mujhe 😂# Thankyou dii!***

© 2016 The_Twilight_Firefly ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


46 thoughts on “The Angel!

  1. Woman of substance means a strong woman. Strength personified. Who would not lose hope in the most difficult times. And keep making efforts despite all odds. Someone who rises whenever life knocks her down. Like a phoenix. Someone who achieves what she aspires, even though it may seem utterly impossible. And while doing all these, she would not lose her loving, kind and forgiving nature. She is woman of substance. And she is you and me.
    And our mothers.
    And all those women who see one ray of hope in the darkest of tunnels. And if she would not, she would dig it to let the light enter.

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  2. I love the simplicity of your blog, and wow your blog is so popular! Congrats! No surprise though, in today’s internet content is King and your content is top notch. What region of the world are you from? Please take the time to come read some of our quirky pieces over at Gastradamus whose sole purpose is to make you smile.

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    1. Life -everything is good. Blogging life -there were some hiccups, domain name issues etc etc -now things have settled down :)

      you tell -writers’ block over?

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    2. Ya – I remember. Very distinctly. Yes -i have already regained touch with most of my favourite bloggers though :) Rest will come in time, you are right. take care and keep blogging.

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    3. I’m here only.. does clicking on my name does not work ?? I changed address of my blog -on a new domain, lost out on data. Now things are bit stable, but back to my old address on wordpress should work !

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