Let them discourage me,
Let them put me down.
Let them mock at me,
Let them make me frown.
I choose to fight back,
Inspite of all my wounds.
Know that in the end,
I’m gonna have the crown.

Let them think I’m easy,
Let them think I’m meek.
Let them shout at me,
Let them make me weep.
I choose to be strong,
I ain’t that weak. 
Know that I won’t be silent,
Yes, I’m gonna speak.

Let the storms rise,
Let the grounds shake.
Let the thunders roar,
Let all ties break.
When they think I quit,
I choose to be wise.
Come, try to break me,
Like a Phoenix,
I’m gonna rise!

When they discourage me,
I choose to smile.
Let them fool me,
Let them shake me.
I’m the unmoved mountain,
Nobody can make me,
Nobody can break me!

**A fight with the demons inside me** 😂😂

© 2016 The_Twilight_Firefly ALL RIGHTS RESERVED