Hanging in between,
I’ve got no idea,
Whether to move on,
And change my life.
Or to hold back,
And get my lost life!

One side is Her,
Crazy and childish,
Cheerful, innocent,
Full of life, bubbly, 
Energetic and sweet!

Smiling and winking at me,
Stretching out a hand,
A friendly hand to me.
Inviting me to be back,
It’s been long, so long!

The other side is Her,
Serious and mature,
Stern yet strong,
Woman of substance,
Poised, unmoved,
Full of character!

Gazing hard at me,
With a hope in eyes,
She won’t hear a NO.
Extending a hand,
Demanding me,
To walk to her,
To walk to a new life.
To accept the new Me,
With an open heart!

And silly Me,
I’m standing there,
I know nothing, 
My mind isn’t ready,
To think & make a choice!

And the worst part,
I’m stuck in between,
I’m nomore that kid,
I’m not the adult yet!
I can’t go back,
And be that same girl,
Everything’s changed,
It’s changed by 360°.

If I choose the other,
Infinite possibilities,
May arise together,
It would be hard,
Really really hard!

If I choose one of them,
The door to the other,
Closes for life!
I won’t get the other back.
I can’t find a balance,
There’s no ‘In Between’!
It’s got to be Her or Her,
But one of them for sure,
I got to choose one,
It’s tough, yes it is!

© 2016 The_Twilight_Firefly ALL RIGHTS RESERVED