It isn’t about beating,
It isn’t about defeating.
My only competition,
Right now, is ME!
I wanna prove myself,
That I ain’t weak.
I’m stronger than I think,
I can do anything I wish.

I’ll push my limits,
I won’t waste my time,
I’ll use it wisely,
It won’t be back again.
It isn’t about underestimating,
It isn’t about overestimating.
It’s all about belief!

I wanna see myself on TOP,
I wanna show myself,
Yes, it’s worth it!
I wanna gift myself,
The gift of Success,
The gift of Happiness,
The gift of Tolerance,
The gift of Confidence,
The gift of Self-Appraisal,
The gift of self-love! ❀

Β© 2016 The_Twilight_Firefly ALL RIGHTS RESERVED