Dejected, terrified,
Hiding from their sight,
She peeps through the window,
It’s a cloudy night.
Enormous clouds rising,
Dark, gigantic, devilish!
Growling hard at her,
Strengthening her fears,
Rattling her soul,
From deep within!

Lightening strikes,
Then thunders roar.
Darkness surrounds,
It begins to pour.
One drop,
Then another,
Yet another and more.
The raindrops,
Convert into a
Merciless downpour!

Splashing on the window pane,
Making her vision blurry.
Making her sink,
Deeper into her worries.
She chooses to rise!

Still terrified,
She looks up at the sky,
Eyes sparkling!
With a ray of hope,
Soon the rains will stop,
And the bright sun will shine!
Soon everything’s gonna be fine,
Soon the day will be mine!Β 
Soon I’m gonna rise and shine!

Β© 2016 The_Twilight_Firefly ALL RIGHTS RESERVED