Poetry Prompt: SWEET POISON

Years from now,
Tales would be read,
How the girl was loyal,
But the guy betrayed.
How dreams and desires,
Were straight shot dead!

I gave my heart to you,
I dreamt of a life with you.
But my worst nightmare,
Finally had to come true.

My world shattered,
Before my eyes,
The love of my life,
Was a cheater in disguise.

Heartbroken I was,
As he walked away,
My colourful life,
Suddenly turned grey!

One day you’ll starve,
One day you’ll repent,
You’ll want me back
But all in vain.

Your Sweet Poison,
Won’t work on me again,
I’ll leave you in pain,
I won’t love you ever again!

Β© 2016 The_Twilight_Firefly ALL RIGHTS RESERVED