Often, there are times when little things irritate you, when every little issue depresses you, when it seems as if the world is conspiring against you, as if they’re all sadists out there.

Nothing can succeed in annoying you, unless you yourself allow it to. It’s all a game of your mind. Change your thoughts and everything will come back into its place. When everything seems to provoke you, just be unmoved.

Have faith in yourself and your abilities. Nobody can tell you that you cannot do a certain thing. There was a beautiful quote I read somewhere,

“If they tell you it can’t be done, it’s a reflection of their limitations, not yours!”

Keep this in mind, nobody can break you. Don’t be a cry-baby. Even if they knock you down a hundred times, have the courage to stand back, to fight them hard. Don’t get influenced easily. Only you can decide how you want to be perceived by others.

Don’t portray yourself as a Weakling, keep your will power so strong that it can rattle the mountains, fight till the last drop of blood in your body! Fight for existance, fight for yourself.

-Firefly :)

**Inspired by Uzumaki Naruto! ❀😍**