~Do you always feel like you’re worthless?
~Do you keep thinking that you’re bad, you’ve done wrong to people?
~Do you feel that people have always hurt you and left without a reason? 
~Do you feel that nobody would ever want to be with you or acknowledge you?

Then, the only way out of this feeling is “Forgiveness“. This one word can transform your thoughts. You need to forgive yourself for all the wrong that you’ve done, forgive those who hurt you. Free yourself from the hatred that you’ve been carrying in your heart for all these years.

Stop being so critical and judgemental about your mistakes, stop being harsh on yourself, stop repeating that sentence in your mind that ” I AM BAD“. Hold no grudges. For once, just stop regretting those moments. It’s time to accept them. Accept your past, accept all your flaws.

It’s only because of those mistakes that you were able to learn important lessons in life, only because of those mistakes that you are what you are today. Those who hurt you, made you wise, made you mature, made you strong, strong as a Rock!

Start right from this moment. Forgive yourself. Alleviate all the pain and grudges from your heart. Love yourself with all imperfections. Transform yourself into a better person each day. Rise above the negativity. Free yourself. Have peace.

-Firefly :)