Dear Enemy!

Hello Bloggers! I recently found out some interesting things to write about. And believe me, it’s really reallly entertaining. I’m enjoying this. 😂

Activity #1:

Dear Enemy,

I hope life hasn’t been pestering you, the way you’ve been pestering me. *Lol, what a start. I love this!* It’s been really long I’ve known that someone like you actually exists, I believe we were never friends, right? We weren’t enemies ofcourse, but we were never friends either!

I don’t know why were you this way? What made you always mock me? What made you always discourage me, irritate me, pester me? I never ever tried to talk to you, I never even looked at you! Then what was it that made you annoy me always? Why me?

You were a NOBODY to me! And I suppose, so were I to you, why did you give me so much importance as to waste your time in troubling me? And why did I give you so much importance as to hate you like anything!

You know what, I still believe that there’s a good side to you, I still feel someday we could become FRIENDS for real! *though, I’m not sure.* Eeeeee!! Now comes the terribly difficult part, where I’ve got to state some “GOOD” qualities about the person I hate real bad, like Real Real bad!

Okay so, *after thinking for a while*, one thing that’s quite good about you is that you are actually likeable. People really like you, they admire you. And it’s nice.

The next is that you are good to people, you want to help them out. You like interacting with them. You want to be in their good-books. *Sometimes that’s called Attention-seeker* 😂😂

I was never friends with you, hence I know nothing good about you! The last one would be “You’re a Bad Enemy”. I mean you’re really good at being a BAD ENEMY. That’s a compliment, btw.

Okay that’s all. Take care, hope you have a great life. *Please don’t irritate people anymore*

-Your Worst Enemy 😈

Finaaaallly, it ends here! How I wish I were to write annoying things about him, I’d have filled quite a few pages. But never mind! I think the aim of this activity was to look at things through a different perspective and then you won’t find them that bad. Change your perspective and things will be bright and cheerful and happy! 😇😇

I actually feel lighter. OMG, I wrote something GOOD about him. Hope he’d never come to know of this. Let this be a secret, okay?

Anybody else who’d like to take up this activity can do so. It’s really interesting.
See you guys next time with more funny and crazy posts. Keep smiling!

-Firefly (The Crazy One) 😂❤


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