Activity #2:

These are the few things which really stress me, and only their mention makes me go half-dead! The worst part is that I can’t hide it behind any fake expressions. It shows up very clear on my face, and then people are like, “Tu itna load mat le, thoda chill kar!” 😂😂


~Being dragged out of my personal space:

This is a real drag. The moment someone mentions a party or social gathering or family meeting etc, I’m like WHY??! Why not let people just be comfortable at their place, why disturb them on Sundays? And let’s just switch off our phones and sleep for hours and hours and hours and never wake up! What an amazing Sunday plan nah? 😂😂

For me, A Perfect Holiday would be: Infinite sleeping hours, few good books, TV, blogging, music and lots and lots of privacy. I don’t like seeing people mostly.

~Fear of the UNKNOWN:

This is why I barely know half of my relatives. The one reason I dislike weddings is because of this. Family keeps introducing you to unknown people and you need to spend so much of your energy in faking that smile and answering their questions. 😑

Another part of this would be ‘Phone Calls’. Unknown calls terrorize me badly. The phone keeps vibrating and for a few moments I stare at the unknown number, trying to figure out if I’ve seen it before. Then I hide it under the pillow and pretend like I was sleeping. I know nothing about it. That’s a good escape btw. And there are no guilts afterwards. 😂😂

~Public Speaking:

I’ve been through this lots of times, but still for some reason I don’t want to do this at all. I like listening, I don’t want to speak, specially when hundreds of people are waiting to hear. 😂

I don’t like to be the Centre of Attention. I remember the first time I ever stepped onto the stage was when I was 5. And I cried very very bad and didn’t speak a word. Then next times, I forgot half of what to speak, then, at times, if I remembered, I couldn’t speak properly. All in all, it never went great, always just average.

~Loosing something precious:

Yeah, loosing something as little as a favourite pen to breaking up or argument with friends and family. It hurts me a lot. I might never show any of my emotions, but if I’m afraid of loosing people precious to me, who have been there for me always.

~Being Unprepared:

This is one thing which frustrates me. Be it a surprise test or a last minute change in the program, or a surprise trip or birthday party or whatever. I get scared when I’m not prepared for things. If I set the schedule in my mind, it has to be that way and even slight changes into it, disturb me.


Yayy! I’m done. This one made me know myself better. I feel gooood! You should try this too. Have fun people. Keep smiling. See ya!

-Firefly :)