Elevating my spirit,
The bright sun shines.
I won’t give up today,
This day’s gonna be mine.

Negativity cannot drain me,
The past cannot pain me.
I won’t let myself down,
I’ll start this beautiful day,
With a smile, not a frown.

Those who love me, stayed,
Those who didn’t, are gone.
I’m grateful for all I own,
Nothing affects me today,
I’ll walk my path alone.

Today, I’ll love myself truly,
Today, I’ll cherish my soul.
I’ll persevere, I’ll be stronger,
Nothing can stop me,
From achieving my goal.

I do believe in Miracles,
I’ll make it happen today.
The Magic is inside me,
It’s gonna show me the way.

I promise to rise and shine,
I promise to fight for me.
I promise to keep smiling,
And make my day, bright for me.

©2016 The_Twilight_Firefly ALL RIGHTS RESERVED