It’s been almost an year that I’ve been on this beautiful place, “WordPress“. And as I always say, ‘Joining WordPress is the best decision I’ve ever made in life’. One reason for that is because I got sooo many amazing friends over here. I got to know so many beautiful people. You all are like family for me.

Thankyou all for always supporting me with your encouraging words. Thankyou for always inspiring me. It’s great to be around lovely friends like you. Wish you all a Happy Friendship Day! 😇😇

In this blogging journey, I came across few people who turned my world upside down, who changed my life for the better, who filled colours of love, joy and happiness into my otherwise grey life. I can never forget you guys. You are very precious to me.

~SUMIT SIR (Mr Bearded Angel)
The very first friend I found over here is my most favourite Sumit Sir. I have always been his greatest fan. Everything he does, everything he says, always inspires me. He taught me to be self-dependent and to believe in my ability. His pyaari-pyaari baate makes us forget everything. (Right, Shreya?)
Mujhe revenge lena tha waise, but rehne do, mujhse nai ho payega ye, sachhi! 😛😛

~MANA DIDI (Beautiful Soul)
The second person who has left a deep imprint on my life is Mana Didi. She is the most amazing person I’ve ever known. I love her for understanding me, when I failed to understand myself. She helped me in the darkest times, even though she didn’t know me well! I soo love her voice, it’s like a melodious song! She advised me to Read books. It’s all because of her that I found what I really love. My life’s beautiful because of you. Thankyou dii! 😇😇

~VIRAL ( Mr Artist)
The next person I came to know is Viral. This guy is a Real Artist. His sketches are wonderful! He loves Cricket and he hates Cooking! And he sings really wellll! 😂😋
He is the most generous person I know today. Thankyou for showing me the right path when I went wrong, for making me believe in friendship, in people. Thankyou for being by my side, for making me believe that I’m stronger that I think! ☺☺

~MAHESH (Mr Positive)
Then, next I got to know Mahesh. There’s a reason why I call him Mr Positive. He always gives great suggestions. All his blog posts are full of positive thoughts and inspiration. And he is crazy too, like the others. He hates being called ‘CUTE’.😂
But I’m thankful, I’m glad to have you as a friend, we’ll do a collab too, baad me. 😛

~SHREYA (Ms Devil)
And the last and the most cutest and the sweetest person I got to know is Shreya. She is my most most most most favourite! I’ve never known someone crazy like her. Somehow, I find her just like me. Yes, she has got the most wicked and evil thoughts, and I love that about her. *Devil wali tutions, don’t forget okay?* 😂😍

Hehe, she taught me one thing yesterday, ‘Badla lo toh pure josh ke sath, no regrets fir!’ Everything we talk about is totally insane! We are so alike, she loves cat-faces too! 😻😻
I so want to write about you, I’ll write something about our crazy friendship very soon. Wait and watch!

Thankyou all you guys. Happy Friendship Day. Stay blessed. Keep smiling!

-Firefly 🐝