Dear Mr Positive, I’m really reallly sorry I completely forgot that it’s your birthday today. Thank God I was reminded on the right time or else I don’t know what would’ve happened!! 😂😂

It’s not been long that I’ve known you, but I do trust you a lot. I really cherish few people here, and you’re one of them. Thankyou for keeping all my sercrets safe with you. 😛😛

*Ten Facts about You*

~You’re the one who always listened to my stupid stories, those *some stupid thoughts* of mine, and gave me beautiful suggestions.

~You’re one of the ‘GentleMen‘. How you hate it when someone disrespects girls! I remember you always say, “In logo ki vajah se saare boys ki image kharab hoti hai“.

~You’re the one who hates dishonesty. Someone who hates being called a liar. I appreciate that about you, thankyou for always being yourself. Yes, Mr Positive is always #Honest! :D

~You’re someone who is addicted to hashtags. Even that one, #IHateLongHashTags. 😂😂

~You’re someone who hates being called CUTE. But cute is the right word, believe me! 😛😂

~You’re someone who can make people laugh in a second, I love the crazy streak! (Similar to Shreya) 😂

~You’re someone who is soooo obsessed to Harry Potter!

~You’re someone who stated the same facts about you over and over in many award posts. (Notice kiya maine) 😂😂

~You’re someone who loves doing collabs. 😛

~You’re someone who makes grammatical errors. (Okay, sorry for this one) 😂😂😂

Okay, wish you a very Happy Birthday Mr Positive. Stay Blessed, hope you have a wonderful day ahead. Keep smiling! 😇❀