The Ten Mistakes of College Life

The Ten Mistakes of College Life


College life is the most beautiful phase of life. It’s probably like a Rollercoaster ride which begins with loads of excitement. And though it ends in the flash of a second, the thrill you experience in that one ride is something to cherish forever. College life definitely wins over school life in the matter of ‘Freedom’, where students undergo a complete transformation from head to heel. A transformation from ‘Nerds’ to ‘Studs’ and ‘Tomboys’ to  ‘Fashionistas’.

But, as said, “All that glitters is not gold”, College life isn’t exactly as it seems. The more freedom you get, the more of an Outlaw you become, and ultimately the more of punishment falls upon you! Punishment, quite simply, is an act to penalize wrongdoing, which hinders you from doing it further. Punishment creates fear. Gone are the days when teachers used to terrorize us by those ’10 rounds of playground’ and ‘Write-it-100-times’ kind of punishments! A college-student fears only the following four things:

•Reproval by the HOD
•Complaint to Parents
•Fine charging

Atleast inside the campus, one should keep a straight path and stay kilometres away from the things/activities which could lead to the above stated punishments. Here, let’s get aware and have a look upon “The Ten Mistakes in College which could lead to Punishment“.

1. Bunking

If you’re thinking of bunking classes, or even bunking college, (if you’re more of a daredevil, and yayy! It’s Friday!!), please be assured that your parents will be thoroughly informed about all your whereabouts.

2. Ragging

Taking a proper Intro is appreciable. Try not to go too far and cross the limit, only for a few moments of entertainment.

3. Irregularity

Everyone loves home. Some love it to such an extent that they don’t mind missing their college for days and weeks. Once you receive that ‘Wretched Call’ from the HOD, you’ll be dragged out. Then, you’ll be fined and you won’t be able to sit in your exams either!

4. Damage to college Property

Treating the college property as your own doesn’t mean you can break the glasspanes and the benches and electric boards and stuff. Doing this will get you into big time trouble, beware.

5. Fights/Arguments

Why to involve HODs and faculties into petty issues when you can solve them out peacefully? Why to call for troops of your so called ‘Brothers’ to show off your power? Try sorting out your differences by yourselves to avoid any kind of mess!

6. Improper Dress-Code

Yeah, everyone likes to look like a Hero.  But no, you cannot come to college any way you feel like. If you desperately want to be charged a fine, you may go ahead!

7. Misbehaviour

Never misbehave with the Faculty or the students or girls. Respect them. It would spoil your image too.

8. Never returning books

If you think you can escape with that book you issued months ago, and didn’t return, you’re mistaken. Go and return it as soon as possible to avoid the huge amount of fine charging.

9. Foul/Abusive language

Watch your language while you talk. Foul language can make a bad impression on the people around you. Maintain decency in your words to avoid chiding.

10. Illegal activities

Say NO to drinking/smoking/drugs and stuff inside the college to avoid restigation. These don’t make you look ‘Cool’, you look like a ‘Fool’ instead!

As is said, “With freedom, comes responsibility”. Why to regret things when you can prevent them right away. So, understand your responsibilities and make use of your freedom wisely. Be wise and act wise.

-Firefly 😇


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  1. shivangee70 says:

    nice message… life is not only about freedom,,it’s really a responsibility

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    1. Yes, very correct Shivangee. Thankyou, glad you visited my blog! 😊😊


  2. extinct0703 says:

    Interesting read and perfect message conveyed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou Sir! ☺☺

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  3. Interesting and well said “its not only freedom, its a responsibility.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou for appreciating amd agreeing with my thoughts. Indeed that’s true! ☺☺👍

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  4. Pinks Pen says:

    This post is sooooo true. I honestly can’t say it enough. I remember thinking college was going to be soooo adult-like, but the reality is, that there is a bunch of high-schoolers in one place without their parents to watch them and oh the mistakes that are made. lol great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! Thankyou for agreeing with my views. I’m glad you liked it. May I know your name please? 😃😃

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Pinks Pen says:

      My pen name is pinkspen…I really appreciate you reaching out to me and reading my post!


  5. Pinks Pen says:

    please check out my blog It focuses on freshman females, college life, and being a lady.

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    1. I surely will check your blog. Thankyou! ☺☺

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  6. Joker Shayar says:

    aye aye captain ! :P

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    1. Eee! Stop this abi. 😂😂

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    2. Joker Shayar says:

      hehe okay okay :p

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  7. Love it! Check out my blog too please!(:

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    1. Thankyou, and yes I will. :)


  8. iseghohiedd says:

    This is totally me!

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    1. Haha! 😂 I am happy you could find yourself in my post. Thankyou!! ☺☺

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