This blog is a dedication to the sweeetest girl I know. WordPress gifted me another beautiful diamond, I feel happy to be surrounded with such positive and crazy people, this girl being the craziest of them all. You are the bestest, Shreya.


Okay, so I came to know her via Sumit Sir. He used to tell me about her, how she writes beautifully, how she’s very sweet. And I was really excited to know more about her. I went through her posts, and something strange happened.

I felt some kind of connection, I could relate to her thoughts, like she was similar to me in many many ways. I never had a talk with her, but it felt like I’ve known her for years! And I wished to be friends with her someday. :):)

Then, it was a while ago that I got to talk to her. The first time I talked to her personally, again I felt that amazing kind of magic! She was sweeter than anybody else. I would call her ‘Female version of Sumit Sir‘ 😂😂

Then, we started talking, A LOT. She is a complete package, she can be sweet and crazy and wicked and funny at the same time. I love that about her, she’s Versatile!

Let’s discuss our most favourite Shreya in detail. (Beware, there are lots and lots of details!) 😂😂

~What she likes~
Mummy ke haath ka khana 😍
Ghar ka wifi 
Vampire Diaries 😈
Ranbir Kapoor
Ian Somerhalder
Cat faces 😹
Teasing people

~What she dislikes~
Showoff :roll:
Extra sweetness
The sentence, “Aur kuch batao na” 😒

Shreya is found in the following types 😂:

~Ms Vocabulary

This is one thing which I can never stop admiring about her. I am her biggest fan when it comes to language and vocabulary. She is just unbeatable. How beautifully and accurately she expresses herself through her poems, I wish to learn that tooo. :D:D

~Ms Wicked

Yessss!! She is a devil with the most wicked thoughts. Her mind is full of strategies. 😂😂
Though, she teases me a lot at times, huh, but I love this quality about her.

~Ms Crazzzy

This girl is suuuuper funnn! You can’t stop laughing on every sentence. And specially those cat faces.We love making fun of people, and we love spying, and we love gossiping and we love talking nonsense. 😻😻

~Ms Angry Bird

She indeed gets angry soon. I love to tease her, I love to make fun of her. 😂😂
But, I want to be like her too. Mujhe bhi rude banna haina. Please please it’s Monday tomorrow. Meri tuition start kardo naaa abi! 😅😅

~Ms Sweeet-Heart

Eeeeee!! When she’s sweet, she’s the sweetest. How she showers loads of compliments upon you. 😇
But you know, she’s very practical. Jyada sweetness digest nai hoti. 😂😂

~Ms Weirddd

Sometimes she behaves very awkward! I remember, this is about yesterday. She wanted to make Bournvita milk and she couldn’t even pour the milk into the glass. OMG!! Shreyaa! Aise kaun karta hai? 😂😂
Have a look at the mess!!


~Ms Memory Loss

Huh, kabhi kuch yaad nai rehta. Whenever I ask you to tell me about something, you’re always like, “Yaad nai aaraha.” Kabhi nai batate kuch bhi. :(

~Ms BookWorm

She keeps on studying and studying and studying and studying. And when she’s not studying, she’s reading books and magazines. How do you never get tired of studying? 😧😧

~Ms Collab Queen

This name is given to her by Mr Positive. We love the ‘Unconditional Love’ series. Sumit Sir and Shreya, you both rock. (But 10th wala part bhi likh dete toh kya hojata? :?)
Anyways, that series was Super Duper Hittt!! 😍😍


Shreya, you’re an amazing person. You are a thoughful writer and a poet who creates magic with her words! You are a beautiful girl and a reallly sweet friend. Never ever change. Just be like this, crazy and insane. Keep spreading love, happiness and positivity around. Lots and lots of love to you. Stay blessed. 😇😇❤