How energising it is to wake up on the tunes of those beautiful patriotic songs! They are so peaceful, so awakening, so powerful, so meaningful. A big cheers to the singers and songwriters of that time! :)

Looking at the nature, the greenery, the beauty, the trees, the birds flying in the blue sky, the Indian Flag held high, all this makes me more and more grateful to those freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to gift us a better world, a free world.

Independence day is all about the celebration of Freedom. Why not do a simple thing today? Why not free ourselves from ‘Negativity‘ today? Let us spread positivity around. Let us make people smile today. Let us be more grateful for all that we have, all the people in life, all our achievements, our family and friends.

Today, let us cherish our past, our present and future. Let us eliminate all the hatred from our hearts and let our spirits shine bright with positivity and happiness. Let us hold no grudges against each other and do something productive. Let us spread kindness and love around.

Happy Independence Day! 🌟