Freedom from ‘Negativity’


How energising it is to wake up on the tunes of those beautiful patriotic songs! They are so peaceful, so awakening, so powerful, so meaningful. A big cheers to the singers and songwriters of that time! :)

Looking at the nature, the greenery, the beauty, the trees, the birds flying in the blue sky, the Indian Flag held high, all this makes me more and more grateful to those freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to gift us a better world, a free world.

Independence day is all about the celebration of Freedom. Why not do a simple thing today? Why not free ourselves from ‘Negativity‘ today? Let us spread positivity around. Let us make people smile today. Let us be more grateful for all that we have, all the people in life, all our achievements, our family and friends.

Today, let us cherish our past, our present and future. Let us eliminate all the hatred from our hearts and let our spirits shine bright with positivity and happiness. Let us hold no grudges against each other and do something productive. Let us spread kindness and love around.

Happy Independence Day! 🌟


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  1. Wow Chandni. . Such a beautiful post. Yes, we should remove the negativity from our mind and fill it with positive and inspiring thoughts. When we feel good, we attract good things.

    Happy Independence day. Jai Hind. :)

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    1. Hiiiiii Jackie! πŸ™‹
      Where were you? I’m really sorry, I don’t know I just found your beautiful comment in the Spam today. 😞
      And thankyou soo much, you’re very correct. We should spread positivity around. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

      Btw, I’m sooo happy to find your comment on my post once again. Glad to see you. How have you been? ☺☺

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    2. Hey Chandni. . I am good and alive. Haha. . And yes, I don’t know why my comments were going into spam, whenever I used to comment on other blogs. I contacted the team and I think they solved it. How are you? Howz college life ha? After a long time!

      Keep smiling. . :)

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    3. Again I found this in the spam. Solve this issue soon please. :(
      Yayy! Good to know you’re alive, so am I. 😂😂
      I’m doing greaaat! And college life, hehe, I’ll blog about it soon. 😅
      What about you? I’m definitely going to read all your posts, and sorry sorry I still didn’t read those ABCD wale post. 🙉🙊
      And yay, I’m smiling reading your beautiful words, you take care too. ☺☺

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    4. Oh. . Again? I don’t know why this is happening. I hope this gets resolved soon. Many may think I just hit like posts without even reading. :(

      I am glad to know that you are doing great! I have not read your recent posts. Will read them soon. Aur ABCD waale posts likh kar hi mera dimag ghum gaya tha. . Continuously everyday posts likhna vo bhi worth reading waale. . baapre! Isliye 2 month rest lena pada blogging se. . haha. . And yay! Keep smiling. . :)

      And college life mast hai. . Will read that post jab tum post karogi. :)

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    5. Haan, I’ll talk to the Support team, huh, bad people. :?
      Hehe, haan maine achha likhna start kiya hai abi abi. Read karna na. 😂😂 And those ABCD ones, maine dekha sabne aapki bohot taareef ki uske liye. I will read them too. ☺ Koi baat nai, abi rest hogaya, now you’re backk! 🙌:D

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