Keep the faith!


Do you ever feel like
All those things,
Long cherished.
Fail to make you
Smile anymore.
And everytime
You feel helpless,
You always end up
Knocking on
The same door?

Like everytime,
The door opens.
It is doomed to
Close upon you.
And everything’s
A bad dream,
A nightmare,
Nothing’s real,
Nothing’s true!

Like everytime
You move ahead,
To solve the puzzle.
It complicates,
Making your
Vision blur.
And every piece,
You try to fit in,
Fails to create
The entire picture.

Like walking
Into a tunnel, 
With all the might,
You walk faster,
Even try to run.
But always fail
To reach the light.

Like diving deep into,
The blackness.
Into the depths of
A sea, bottomless.
Getting deprived of air,
Trying harder and
Yet failing to 
Reach the surface.

Like life’s become,
A hopeless dream.
An unsolved mystery.
Wish you could just,
Open your eyes.
Wish you could set
Yourself free.

Wish you could
Free yourself from,
This suffocating
Thought paralysis.
Wish you could save
Yourself from fallling 
Into an eternal abyss.

One last time,
Stand up again. 
Don’t loose hope
Forget all the pain.
I assure you,
You’ll find a way.
None of your efforts
Will go in vain.

The one who hopes,
Defeats the dead-end.
The one who dares,
Always wins in the end.
You’ll find your way,
You’ll reach the light.
Just keep the faith,
And fight your fight.
After the darkest hour,
You always see the light.
Just keep the spirit alive,
And you’ll shine bright!

©2016 The_Twilight_Firefly ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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