Keep them close!


Why is it that we tend to close our eyes to the reality? Why do we always wish to be in our imaginary bubble and the moment someone tries to burst it, we sever ties with them.

Why do we prefer to be in our dream world where everything works the way we like? Why do we never have the guts to hear the truth, to face the real situation?

We always want to be appreciated, but never want to know our faults. We love those who praise us but dislike them who correct us. And when someone tries to show us the mirror, we disapprove of them, we literally burn with resentment. Isn’t it?

Actually, those are the real ones, because they genuinely believe in us. They know we can improve and can be even better. They correct us cause they CARE ABOUT US. Those are the real people, we should keep them close.

-Firefly :))

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  1. Hello Chandni. . Beautiful post. Yes, accepting people with flaws makes us more genuine people. We have to accept that we are all flawed a little. But for some those flaws are perfect and beautiful. Nice post Firefly!
    Have a good time. :)

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