Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp

Today, we attended an ‘Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp‘ which was an Orientation Program introduced in Acropolis by NEN. This was for the very first time that our college has conducted an ‘Entrepreneurship Course’ and that too headed by such esteemed personalities. It was a proud moment for all of us.

The program was basically divided into two sessions, namely ‘Basics of Entrepreneur‘ and ‘Idea Generation‘. The first session was conducted by Group head E-cell, Ms Anupama Modi, where she began with a question to the students “Why is Entrepreneurship important?”


The crowd was really interactive. They presented a lot of different answers. While some said it made our lives easier, others stated that it gives new and innovative solutions to problems. Then the question came upon “What is Entrepreneurship?” Again there were views ranging from innovator, hardworker, risktaker, problem solver and so on. While Mr Atul Bharat summed it all up in just a few words, “Anyone who converts a source into a resource is an Entrepreneur.”

Further, she explained the difference between Invention an Innovation. Students came up with interesting examples of innovation. Some of them were: Bluetooth to Xender, Coolers to AC, Internet Banking to PayPal etc. There was also a discussion on certain myths about Entrepreneurs.

The next activity was a really creative one. It was conducted by Faculty Leader, Ecell, South campus, Ms Vandana Sharma. The activity was named ‘Build It‘, where students had to build a tower out of newspaper and a tape. It was really interesting to watch them working on different ideas and each tower had something unique, something innovative. It was fun!


She also presented to us, the success story of an Indian Entrepreneur, Kunal Bahl. It was truly inspirational. There also was a personality quiz according to which we got to know ourselves better and also what types of people are compatible to work together.

After the break, there was a discussion on Ideas. How ideas have changed history, how Indore city has undergone a complete transformation in the last ten years. She stated Ideas as the source of Entrepreneurship. There was another activity called ‘Idea Plane‘.


Here the students had to provide funny as well as creative solutions to the stated problems like ‘How can you stop people who jump the queue?’ or ‘How can you sleep in the class but seem like you’re awake?’ and many more. The objective of the activity was to make students realise that there can be a number of solutions to a single problem. And it was such a fun activity. The students came up with hillarious solutions.

Further, there was a discussion upon how to judge anything upon the terms of Criticality and Discontentment. We also got to know about the three modes of Idea generation being Enhancements (LED bulbs, I-Bus, WhatsApp etc), Extensions (Pen with torch, watch with calculator), and Specializations (FYI Maggie, Johnny HotDog, Female Taxi etc).


Lastly, we were shown the stories and profiles of various successful Entrepreneurs. How they managed to earn name and fame even when they had only a little to invest. This was an inspiration. She ended up with letting us know the importance of the Right Attitude. She said that the only way to solve all problems is the correct attitude and adviced us to start thinking creative, be positive, and each day think about atleast one crazy idea which would make people smile, start observing and enjoying life.


It was an enlightening experience. We got an insight into the basics of Entrepreneurship. We also got to know how ideas generate and how there can be many solutions to a problem, how background and social factors are no barrier to startup. And how even with a little investment, we can still become a successful Entrepreneur and achieve unbeatable success! This day would be remembered by everyone. It was an eventful day.

– Chandni Asnani


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  1. Oh my God!πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»
    You finally write it Chandu. :)

    I love reading your post from the very first day. I love the words you choose. I love the way you don’t make a single grammar mistake. I love your perception. I love the way you write.

    Cahndu, tu bahut accha likhti hain. Please try and at least post 1 blog post a day. It will improve your way of thinking, the way you write. Try to observe things. :)

    I’ll talk to you about this event on call. But I just LOVED it. MUAH. ☺

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    1. Yayy! Thankyou sooo much Sir. Itni saari compliment mat kiya karo please. πŸ˜‚
      Yes, I’ll try and write regularly now. And ye wala chhodo, read the previous blog na, that was better. ☺☺

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    2. Haaa☺😊

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  2. It was awesome read, do share more such contents. I learned from it and loved your experience. Keep Writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, thankyou very much for reading. I’m glad I could help you learn something from my experiences. You keep writing too! :D

      Liked by 1 person

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